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Red Carpet Beauty Secrets
Every wonder why celebrities always look flawless? Somehow their makeup is tuned to fine perfection while their skin looks swimmingly perfect.  Our beauty, make-up and image experts have the inside scoop on the extraordinary lengths some celebrities go through in order to get ready for the red carpet.  While most women don’t have a little black book filled with skin, beauty and hair experts; you don't need to.  My Image Expert’s makeover pros and image consultants give up 11 grooming and beauty secrets from Hollywood that are helpful tips and tricks you can try at home. 
  1. Flawless Skin: Oatmeal is one of nature’s best remedies. It is good for both the inside and outside of your body. It lowers cholesterol and can be a low calorie way to nourish the body with fiber and complex carbohydrates.  Oatmeal is also used in a variety of skin care products that include facial masks and scrubs.  For an at-home facial makeover that will help restore your skins natural glow, reduce redness and seal moisture try using oatmeal as an exfoliating mask.  For normal or combination skin, mix ½ cup of cooked raw oats with one egg and a teaspoon of honey.  Spread the mixture over your face for 20 minutes or until it dries. The honey will help keep the mixture sticky and act as “glue” once it begins to dry on your face.  Our  makeover specialists and beauty experts recommend that if you have dry skin; add a ½ teaspoon of olive oil  to the mixture.  To get the best results, add all the ingredients into a food processor and leave the oats raw.  Add a little bit of water until the mixture is pasty then apply onto your face for 20 minutes.  The oatmeal may produce a milky liquid while it sits on your skin. Rub this into your skin as it provides nutrients that will hydrate your face and help your skin to glow!
  2. Neck Wrinkles:  Many beauty experts and celebrity make-up artists have a secret weapon to minimize neck wrinkles.  For clear glowing skin and a wrinkle free neck try this home remedy provided by our woman’s makeover specialist.  Before going to bed, steam your neck for 10 minutes after you have washed and cleaned your neck and face. Pat the neck dry and massage ½ teaspoon of castor oil over the neck and throat area.   Leave it on the region overnight while you sleep and make sure to wash it off once you wake-up.  Steam the neck and throat with a warm washcloth after washing for about 10 minutes and then pat it dry.  There is no need to apply a facial cream to the neck, just repeat this process nightly before you go to bed.  This home beauty trick will also help soften hard lines under the eyes.  Just make sure you only use a few drops for the eye area.  Castor oil is used in array of expensive wrinkles creams but can be purchased at your local drugstore and used at home.  If for some reason you develop pimples throughout this process, simply skip the process for one night.  Apply a small amount of Benzoyl Peroxide over the breakout and leave it on your skin while you sleep. This will clear up any blemish as a result of the oil treatment.  When purchasing castor oil, make sure to get an “odor free” brand.  This makeover trick only works when you do it consistently.
  3. Puffy Eyes: Every woman has suffered from bloated or puffy eyes at one time or another.  This symptom is caused by a multitude of factors including: change of weather, allergies, too much salt, high blood pressure, alcohol, dehydration and crying.  For instant puff reduction, our female makeover experts recommend dipping a spoon in ice water. Press the back of the spoon against the puffy eye area for quick results.  This will cause momentarily redness but repeat several times or 2-5 minutes until the skin begins to feel uncomfortable. This makeover tip will also work for puffy areas including the cheeks and chin.  You can also use cotton balls or gauze pads to replace the spoon; just make sure to apply slight pressure.  Depending on the cause of your puffy eyes, you may also want to sleep on your back.  When you sleep on your side on stomach it causes body fluids to head straight to your facial region.  Try sleeping face-up with your head slightly elevated above the rest of your body. 
  4. Tired Eyes:  To instantly perk up tired eyes try dabbing Aloe Vera gel under the eye area.  Our makeup makeover specialists also recommend using cucumber slices or caffeine tea bags for a temporarily solution.  Caffeine is a stimulate that helps restore active cell movement whereas cucumbers are a diuretic that help alleviate excess fluids that can cause eyes to appear tired. Both work equally well. 
  5. Reduce Blemishes:  The quickest way to get rid of a blemish or pimple is to simply dry it out.  There are several ways to do this by using natural ingredients from home.  My Image Expert’s beauty advisors all agree that peroxide and natural acids will quickly cure any facial blemish.  Hollywood esthetician Sonya Dakar recommends mixing together one packet of dry yeast with lemon juice.  Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from it or place it into a juicer.  Once mixed together, spread the mixture over a blemish for five minutes to dry it out.  Wash the region afterward and apply a dab of lemon juice over the blemish again. Leave it on your face while you sleep overnight; wash and exfoliate the skin in the morning before applying moisturizer.
  6. Spotlight Feature: every woman has one prominent facial feature.  This is usually the one thing that you find flattering on your face. It can be your eyes, lips, teeth or cheekbones.  If you have two great features, pick one and make that your focal point.  If you are not sure what your most prominent facial feature is then ask a close friend or loved one.  Once your facial focal point has been revealed, you will accent it while downplaying other areas on your face. For examples, if your best feature is your eyes; you will focus on eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and play around with different application techniques based on the eye shape and color.  When a large emphasis is placed on the eyes, it is important to leave other features like cheeks and lips neutral.
  7. Bodacious Brows: Most of us have tweezed, plucked, threaded or waxed our eyebrows senseless.  Frequently overlooked and over processed, eyebrows are an essential accent for the face.  Our make-up makeover expert, Karen Miller says that perfect eyebrows begin above the corner of the eye socket and should end in a direct angle just above the corner of the outside eye. The arch should be located just above the iris.  Eyebrows should be even with a slight arch and should not be the darkest feature on your face.  If you naturally have dark hair and thick dark eyebrows that look like caterpillars crawling across your face, then you should lighten them slightly.  Your brows should frame your eyes not take away from them.  If you have overtly thin eyebrows caused by over tweezing, you will need to fill them in for a subtle and full look.  Use an ash tone powder or eye shadow that is similar to your eyebrow color for natural definition.  Take a Q-tip with a little bit of shadow or powder and brush it over the brow area.  Try to maintain the shape mentioned above from the corners of the eyes.
  8. Fly Away Hair: Natural components in the environment and clothing fibers are proven to cause static.  Sometimes the simple act of pulling a cashmere sweater over your head will cause uncontrollable static and flyaway hair.  Brushing the hair will only make it worse.  During the winter season many people wear hats which will also cause unmanageable static.  An old Hollywood trick and home remedy to alleviate static and flyaway’s are dryer sheets.  If hair frizz creeps up on you, run a dryer sheet over the top of your scalp to neutralize the hair strands.  This trick is used on high end photo shoots and will also work on garments to relieve static cling.
  9. Bright Eyes:  A simple trick to brighten the white area inside your eyes is eyeliner.  Take a navy or black eye pencil and lift your eyelid; apply a stroke of eyeliner just below the eyelashes on the inner rim of the upper lid.  The dark color helps to create a contrast between the eye and the white outer layer inside the eye (sclera).  Use a white eyeliner pencil or white eyeshadow and brush the lower rim just above the lower eye shadow.  This helps to brighten the eye by making it appear larger.
  10. Dry Hair: Over processed or treated hair caused from coloring and heat can damage your hair making it dry and brittle.  It’s better to get your split ends cut periodically to avoid the hair from breaking closer to the root.  Some women avoid getting split ends cut because they don’t want to lose length.  Our female makeover specialists all agree that shorter, healthy hair is better than long, dry and damaged hair.  This will also prevent hair from falling out and helps it grow longer quicker.  If you can’t get to the salon right away, try this home remedy to hold you over.  After washing your hair, towel it dry and apply a fairly decent amount of conditioner.  Comb the conditioner through your hair and squeeze out all the excess. Blow dry your hair on low heat for 30 seconds then wrap a thin layer of plastic wrap around the hair covering it completely.  Take a hot wash cloth or towel and place it over the plastic wrap.  This will steam the scalp and help massage the conditioner further into the hair.  Repeat again the second time but remove the plastic and place the warmth cloth directly over the hair.  Leave it on until the towel is no longer warm. Leave the condition to settle into the hair follicles for 10 minutes then rinse.  Do not wash hair again, let it air dry.
  11. Silky Locks: When you go to bed at night try wrapping your hair into a silk scarf.  This helps to preserve the natural oils and gloss found in your hair.  Cotton naturally has a high absorbency level and will suck the moisture out of your hair leaving it dry in the morning.
Our makeover, beauty, hair and skin experts have all helped to contribute to this article.  While working with red carpet events, photo shoots, and celebrity clients; we have compared notes in order to provide a few insider tricks and tips used in Hollywood.  These are all economical makeover suggestions that you can use  in the privacy of your own home.  To learn more about make-up tips and application please contact one of our image consultants who will arrange a beauty lesson or woman’s makeover package that will accommodate your needs.

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