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Wardrobe Analysis

Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear?  Do you buy clothes and never wear them?  Is your closet full of outdated clothing?

 A wardrobe analysis is a great way to understand and organize your closet.  This service helps people who have invested time and money into their clothing selections. The wardrobe analysis takes place at your home so the image consultant can review your current clothing to audit outdated garments and remove items unflattering to your figure.  The style expert will also help you decide what is worth keeping and what to toss!  After cleaning out and organizing your closet, your image consultant will show you how to create new outfits, combine garments, and style the items you already own. This is a great way to find out what items you may be missing from your wardrobe or set up a day to shop for some garments that will compliment your current clothing collection! The wardrobe analysis includes shoes, accessories, coats, and anything else you want advice on. Your image consultant will bring a camera to photograph the newly created outfits. This is great way to manage the outfits in your closet.

Before the wardrobe analysis, your image consultant will put together a personal profile that includes a brief body structure analysis and skin tone color analysis. This helps you understand what styles and shapes are best suited for your frame along with what colors best suit your natural skin tones.

Fashionably Wasted – Along with the wardrobe analysis, we offer a special service to refashion old garments, accessories and items of sentimental value.  If you have an item that you love but can’t get any use out of because it is outdated, damaged, or just not practical then we re-invent it.  Sometimes a garment just needs a button change, extra seams, pockets, or a little nip tuck in order to make it new again!  This service is unique and economical because it gives clients the ability to have something new from something old.

Several of our image consultants are established fashion designers with their own clothing collections while others have collections in major department stores. Therefore, we are able to offer this service with great excitement and invite you to challenge our overwhelming flare for detail.

My Image Expert’s wardrobe analysis includes the following:

  • Body structure analysis
  • Skin tone color analysis
  • What colors to wear
  • Review of current wardrobe
  • How to create new outfits from your closet
  • What to toss from your old wardrobe
  • How to utilize your accessories
  • What styles work for your body type
  • Recommendations for new garments needed
  • How to coordinate your shoes with any outfit
  • Outerwear and sportswear evaluation
  • Style tips and fashion advice
  • Fashionably wasted service – reconstructing old garments to make them new
  • Photo catalogue of new outfits created (Additional fees may apply)

The wardrobe analysis is a great place to start your image consultation. Not only does the analysis give your image consultant an idea of your personal style, it lets them know what you already have in your closet and what you may need to fill any gaps in your wardrobe.  Many people decide to follow up with a personal shopper after the wardrobe analysis.  Kick your style into gear and own your image!

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