New York Image Consultant


It was a pleasure working with Erika! Her tips and advice were both practical and realistic. It feels great to be able to transition from feeling like I have nothing to wear to Which outfit do I get to wear today?
Wardrobe Analysis and Image Consultation
5 / 5 stars

I knew I wanted to make some image changes, but I was not really sure where to start or how to do it right. That put me as it would most people in a state of anxiety right from the start. I interviewed several different Image Consultant companies, but one clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest.That company was My Image Expert.
Image Consultation and Female Makeover Services
5 / 5 stars

It seemed to me that My Image Expert had a phased approach to their Image Consulting Service that made sense to me.First My Image Expert took the time to learn about my ambitions, personality, lifestyle and other nuisances that defined me.My Image Expert then used this information to pull together various ideas on changes we could make to achieve my desired result. These were presented to me in an easy to understand fashion in which I was encouraged to provide feedback both positive and negative so we could further refine my new image.In providing this feedback, My Image Expert was able to better understand how I felt about certain aspects of the change and take these feelings into consideration which made me more at ease with the process as someone really cared about the outcome and not just making a buck.
Image Consultation and Male Makeover Services
5 / 5 stars

They (My Image Expert) certainly did clean out my closet. I think we filled a dozen or more trash bags. I was able to glean from their style ideas that are helping me dress better now. For instance, I think they would approve of the choices I’ve been making of new belts and shoes. I’m much happier with my casual and work outfits.
Image Consultation and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

I was pushed to the edge and past my comfort zone. But after receiving glowing comments on our initial minor changes, I became more confident in the guidance My Image Expert was providing to me and moved on to some of the more drastic changes.I was both apprehensive and excited at the same time.My Image Expert provided me with perspective I would have never been able to garner looking into a mirror or receive from my friends as they have an obvious bias.This perspective and the ensuing recommendations were provided in a supportive manner with empathy to my fears. Needless to say, my fears were unfounded as the guidance My Image Expert provided to me was right on target and I could not be happier with the results!
Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

My Experience with My Image Expert’s Baltimore image consultant, Jennifer gave me confidence to approach my closet daily and understand how to choose outfits based on my body structure that compliment my personal style. I worked with both Erika Chloe and Jennifer Andreas who were professional and extremely helpful. I look forward to working with them in the future on my seasonal wardrobe.
Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

Beyond the image consulting, I was also able to learn a great deal about fabric and garment construction. The knowledge and attention to detail in this area My Image Expert brought to the Image Consultant Service was quite impressive. In just a few quick conversations with My Image Expert, you could sense this was their passion and they were quite well educated in this field as they were able to explain even to a lay person the most subtle differences between fabrics, garments and their construction. This helped me better understand why certain styles or cuts tended to flatter my physique more than others. With these new revelations, I am now able to confidently pick out styles that will compliment my body structure versus making me look like a flying squirrel.
Male Makeover Service, Image Consultantation and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

I came across My Image Expert while searching online for help with my wardrobe. I’m an average 30 year old guy, working in a 9-5 office job looking to increase my fashion knowledge and update my style. The first place to start was with the clothes I already had, so I asked for a wardrobe review. There was encouragement, not pressure to part with items that need updating. Instead, guidance was provided on what to keep and what to part with. I made the final decision and was glad to have someone well versed give me their honest opinions. After this session, I felt I needed to complete my goal of updating and upgrade my wardrobe by requesting a personal shopper session in NYC. We met up at an agreed upon destination and I received personal attention to fit my needs. Once again, I was given guidance as to what looks best for my unique physical characteristics. Pricing was fair and the experts were very friendly and answered all questions. I learned a lot and definitely feel more comfortable shopping on my own. Chances are I will explore My Image Expert’s other services in the future.
Wardrobe Analysis and Fashion Consulting Service
5 / 5 stars

When I initiated contact with My Image Expert, my main goal was to present myself as hip and young yet professional and sophisticated to every and anyone, particularly my colleagues in the Music/Theater industry. Not only did I gain the respect I deserved, I regained my self-confidence. Working with Erika is not a temporary plaster, especially when you consider the fact that I am now equipped to pick an outfit based on what flatters my body type. The skills that I’ve learned are priceless.
Personal Shopping Experience and Fashion Consulting Service
5 / 5 stars

Before meeting with My Image Expert, I was a 30-something regular guy with limited fashion sense. I felt awkward about being proactive in the process of improving my image, but wanted to gain a few pointers that would enable me to upgrade my appearance in personal and professional situations. My experience began with a brief consultation in which I received valuable critique about where I stood with my current wardrobe and how to make great purchasing decisions in the future based on my individual physique and skin color. The education I received was astounding – I learned about fabrics, colors, construction of clothing, and even participated in the process of creating my own custom-made suit from conception to completion. I’ve been receiving non-stop compliments about my new clothes! The way in which I select clothes for myself will never be the same again as I have a new found confidence in making my own wardrobe choices. The stylists at My Image Expert were understanding, patient, and lots of fun to work with and I’ll be sure to use their services again.
Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the New York image consultant from My Image Expert on my new wardrobe. I have never seen anyone who could put together outfits so quickly and with such confidence. they truly have an eye for fashion. I learned so much in such a short time about the colors that work best for me and, the clothing sizes that look best on my frame. The image consultant took the guesswork out of putting my outfits together by providing me with an easy to follow mix and match wardrobe guide. I feel confident that I will make better choices when putting outfits together In the future. And that best part of all – I have received numerous compliments on my new look!
Image Consultation and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

Erika Chloe, My Image Expert’s New York image consultant definitely had a lasting influence on me! I bought a ‘Lucky’ fashion magazine today- because of her influence. Erika once asked me if I ever looked at fashion magazines, well, no, not until now. I have been frustrated (they make it look so easy) but also had a much more open mind when shopping because of her direction. I have gotten lots of compliments from family, my husband, friends, and the more fashionable people at work. People really notice when I wear one of my outfits that either Erika put together or I did per her instructions. The outfits I like, I really ENJOY wearing. The good news is that I am going shopping with completely different eyes than I did before and I am much more optimistic about the outcome. Erika has a good eye for fashion, she makes it easy to understand style, and most of all she is a very sweet person. It’s not easy to admit that as a woman, I am not-so-good at the womanly pursuits of decor and fashion but instead good at analytical thinking and science- like a man. Once I really humbled myself and turned everything over to My Image Expert, they made it all so easy. I really appreciate your help Erika; you have completely changed my outlook on clothes, fashion, and my relationship to them. Thank You!
Image Consultation and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

I came to My Image Expert after my realization that the white tee and jeans combo I had grown to love would no longer cut it. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but after sitting down with MIE I was happy to place my style dilemma in their hands. My Image Consultant, Erika tailored her selection in style, color and fabric to best fit my goals and more importantly, my personality. I learned more about color combos and outfit pieces in only a few hours of shopping with MIE than I did after months of leafing through issues of Esquire and GQ magazines. I now feel confident in my choices, and am having a very easy time accepting compliments from both friends and colleagues on my new look!
Image Consultation, Male Makeover Service and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

Before meeting an image consultant from My Image Expert, I had a closet jam packed with “nothing to wear”. My clothes were outdated, poorly fitted, cheaply made and all the wrong colors for me. I thought that wearing jeans and a top constituted an outfit and as a result never felt good about myself in what I was wearing. After my wardrobe analysis, I was able to see the errors of my shopping ways and felt confident that we were going to find me “something to wear”. After a day of shopping my closet is now full of interchangeable tops, pants skirts, bracelets, necklaces, belts, scarfs and shoes. I am excited to wake up in the morning and choose my outfit for the day. Not only did we upgrade my wardrobe, but we upgraded my self esteem at the same time. In the few short weeks since my makeover I have received more compliments that I have in the last ten years. The knowledge and shopping skills that I have learned during this process are invaluable and will benefit me for a long time to come.
Wardrobe Analysis and Fashion Makeover
5 / 5 stars

I hate to shop, it’s a personality flaw that I may never overcome, but the guided shopping that I did through My Image Expert was by far the most positive personal shopping spree of my life. The time I spent with Erika Chloe equipped me with a tool-set I can turn to consistently when I shop – in the store or in my own closet. She brought talent and an experienced eye to the process, so now whenever I get dressed her easy to follow tips ring in my ears. Erica identified simple changes I could make that have a dramatic impact to the end result, particularly with respect to putting complete outfits together using layers and accessories. She also pointed out significant issues around color selection and fit that I had never previously spotted (or even really looked for) but that make a world of difference. I already know I’ll continue to turn to her for wardrobe guidance, but the tips and tricks that she shared just in our first session together were enough to totally make-over my style. This experience has
brought about a major change in me; now picking an outfit is more of an adventure than a chore, and I definitely enjoy the positive feedback I get on how I look.
Image Consultation and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

Without sounding trite, My Image Expert image consutlant, Erika Chloe, was a perfect addition to my life. At 45 years old and after six moves with my family, an updated polish was clearly warranted. Erika was able to change my whole outlook of myself within 48 hours. My spirits and self-confidence has reappeared and been rejuvenated. Erika Chloe has a unique talent to assess the person through interviews, pictures and of course, the actual meeting. She is professional and allows her passion for bringing out the best personal style to takeover. I loved her commanding presence and the ease with which she compiles her thoughts. It was apparent that Erika took the time to listen and matched updated fashions with my lifestyle. What I truly enjoyed about our days together was that even though my nerves were present, I was able to quickly place my trust in her and I allowed the transformation to occur. We could have gone haute couture and spent millions. However, we shopped simply elegant and versatile making all changes comfortable and quite fun! My meeting with Erika was not per chance. My two day extravaganza was a gift from my husband for my birthday that will be a forever memory, a happy change and certainly a fabulous makeover encompassing clothing, hair and make-up.
Image Consultation, Female Makeover Service and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

Before I met with Erika from My Image Expert’s New York image consutlant, I truly thought my mostly black wardrobe was pretty current and hip. I considered myself well-dressed already, so it was the sort of thing I never would have splurged on myself Erika in a few hours helped me rid my closet of several items that were dispensable and to which I had some illogical attachment. The clothes that we eliminated from my wardrobe have not been missed at all. It was a lot of fun working with Erika and she is terrific. Erika listened to my concerns, understood the style I wanted to achieve, pruned my overflowing closet, stayed within my budget and steered me towards smart purchases especially infusing color in my wardrobe. I now find it much easier to select outfits for whatever the occasion. The hair stylist you referred me to, gave me a more current style that is very stylish and workable. The makeup artist Dan helped me clean out my makeup and brought it up-to-date with more flattering products and tools. He also did an amazing job on teaching us how to apply makeup for different occasions. My 17 year old daughter also got a mini makeover of hair and makeup, she loves her new hair cut/style and she actually loves putting on eyeliner and lip gloss. You’re a good teacher and what you told me was easy to follow, and remarkably consistent. You have given me such a practical yet sophisticated education in style. Now I have the knowledge I need to kick-start my mid-life adventures. I am enjoying my new hair, make-up and clothes. A little bit of style goes a long way and subtle accessorizing is magical. The real difference is in my renewed confidence. I wanted to thank you for taking the time and meeting with us, you’ve changed my outlook on clothes, fashion and style.
Wardrobe Analysis, Female Makeover Service and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

A make over was never an idea that appealed to me. My friends had a different outlook and decided to give me a day of beautification and transformation upon my arrival in NYC. I am a truly difficult person to surprise and impress yet, Erika put me at ease and generated excitement in me when I saw her ideas for my new look. Her preparation and presentation won me over. I am more than happy and extremely pleased with my new haircut and color, makeup techniques and wardrobe tips that make me feel like a knock out! I can’t recall a time when I was given so many compliments by friends and strangers alike. Thank you My Image Experts!
Female Makeover Service and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

My experience with My Image Expert was nothing short of fabulous. I had been wanting to revamp my wardrobe for years and I am so glad that I finally worked up the nerve to call My Image Expert’s image consultants. Erika made me feel comfortable throughout the entire makeover process. Since our shopping day, I have purchased many items based on her suggestions that I never thought I would wear. I feel more confident making clothing choices that flatter my body type and have received many compliments for my new look. I look forward to working with Erika again for a new Spring/Summer Wardrobe. Thank you!
Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

My experience with My Expert gave me confidence to approach my closet daily and understand how to choose outfits that compliment my body and style. The consultants were professional and helpful and I look forward to working with My Expert in the future.
Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

After I moved to New York City, my existing wardrobe became all but useless. Not only does fashion have a higher bar here – I’d also lost a good deal of weight from working out faithfully.nothing fit me anymore! I’d also become dissatisfied with my look in general and was looking for the “right” style for me – a style that was flattering and true to my personality, while steering clear of anything unoriginal or easily pigeonholed. Erika Chloe was exactly who I needed. A true professional, she took a personal interest in getting my look and my wardrobe to where I needed them to be. She worked with me to find the style most flattering to me, and that I was happy with, both for work and play. By the time we were done shopping, not only did I have a new, terrific set of clothes – I had invaluable information that I’ll be able to use from now on, anytime I go shopping or get my hair done. If you’re looking for an image expert, look no further! Thank you.
Wardrobe Analysis, Male Makeover Service and Personal Shopping Experience
5 / 5 stars

“Thank you Erika!  I was somewhat skeptical about working with
an image consultant – I didn’t want to be put into a style that wasn’t me.  Now
I see I should have worked with MIE years ago.  After a wardrobe analysis, I had
a much better grasp on the colors and fit I should wear.  I was able to get rid
of things that had been hanging in my closet but never seemed to look just right
after coming home from the store.  Then…after two days of shopping with Erika, I
now have a wardrobe that is current and stylish, has the basics I need and
colors and shapes that reflect my personality.  I love getting dressed
each morning and I am getting compliments on how I look, not just on a
particular item I am wearing.  I am confident that I will be a much better
shopper after this experience.  I also had my makeup done by Daniel.  He was
excellent too.  Rather than pushing colors and products, he looked at my current
makeup, showed me what worked best on me, suggested some additions, then taught
me how to apply it.  I am wearing more makeup but it looks like less with the
things Daniel taught me about application.  The whole experience with MIE was
priceless – again, thank you Erika!
” Debby, Baltimore image consult, personal shopping

“All my life,  I have  struggled with what to wear clothing-wise in general.  When I would go out, it would take me forever to get ready because I couldn’t find anything to wear.    When I went shopping, I felt I was lacking ‘fashion sense,’ and would buy things that I would never wear, and they would end up in my closet, with tags still on.     Shopping for clothes became frustrating. My boyfriend was the one who made me an appointment with Erika Chloe, image consultant and owner of My Image Expert, because he didn’t want me to be so frustrated about what to wear when we went out.   I have to say, working with Erika was one of the best things that could have happened to me.  Erika helped me learn what colors and styles of clothing looked the best on me.  She gave me some fashion ‘rules’ to follow, and also answered a lot of questions I had about clothes and fit.  I learned that a lot of the clothes I was currently wearing were not only the wrong color, but the wrong fit, style, and were very dated. Thanks to Erika, I now have a great wardrobe that I absolutely love—she did a wonderful job of  helping me pick out clothes that fit my lifestyle, are stylish, and give me a put-together look.     I am now able to shop on my own, and  purchase clothes that I actually enjoy wearing!      Erika is very  professional, educated, stylish,  easy to work with, and is someone who I felt instantly comfortable with.    I cannot say enough wonderful things about my shopping experience with Erika.   I highly, highly recommend Erika Chloe to anyone regardless of  their  lifestyle or profession.”   Diane, New Jersey personal shopping, female makeover

“Erika – I was going to email you this morning (truly without prompting) to tell you what a great time I had on Thursday and how grateful I am to you for making me look and feel fabulous.  You made shopping fun (which I  never thought it could be) and so easy to find so many outfits that look great on me without spending a great deal of time or a fortune.  I had so many compliments this weekend when I went to Massachusetts for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, I felt amazing.  My husband actually said I looked “incredible”.  I also received compliments from my sister and co-workers this morning.  I don’t know if I ever really felt great about what I was wearing, but it does feel wonderful and makes me feel confident both socially and professionally.  Thank you, again, and I’m very much looking forward to our next shopping trip.” Durene, NYC personal shopping, image consult

“With my husband’s retirement, we embarked on second careers, this time working together.  This job requires everything from painting clothes to suits.   I wanted to know how to look my best and a make-over has been on my dream list forever. Erika & I communicated by e-mail several times and then we had a phone conversation where she ascertained my needs and desires. I also sent her a couple of photographs. Because of some unexpected family issues, she even made a change in her schedule for me. On my special day, we started with a bra fitting.  A good foundation is necessary!  From there, we went clothes shopping.  At the store, we talked over what would look best on me and then Erika sent me to find what I thought would look good.  I think I found about three pieces while she  swooped from rack to rack selecting things with ease.  She made it look so easy.  Then it was time to start trying things on.  As I tried things on, she explained why it worked for me.  I came away with a wonderful wardrobe and knowledge of how to choose clothes that take me from casual to professional.  Just what I wanted. My hair appointment came next.  Erika had picked a cut and color for me and she was able to communicate it to the stylist.  I am thrilled with it and have received several compliments.  It was a good thing we took a picture in the salon because when we came out, it was rainy and windy. My final step in the experience was make-up.   I brought my make-up bag and he worked with what I had, making a few adjustments and additions.  He was very patient and made sure that I understood what he did and knew how to duplicate it.  Unfortunately, we were rushing to leave and I forgot to take a picture of his handiwork but again, I was extremely pleased. I was thrilled with the new me but the real test was to see if my husband loved it.  He did!  He kept staring at me and saying how great I looked.  An unexpected affirmation to my new look, came on Sunday when I had my “dressed up” outfit on.  I needed some groceries and so as I was walking in, some of the employees were taking their breaks on a bench outside the store.  They said “Hi” as we walked by.  When we came out, one of the girls told me that I looked pretty.  For a stranger to give me such a compliment was a big confirmation that I indeed did get my dream make-over.” Diane, NYC personal shopping, female makeover

“There’s only one word to describe New York image consultant and fashion expert, Erika Chloe: incredible. As a tall, lanky male in
my mid-20′s, I’ve never been able to find the right style or the right clothing
to fit me. I was unhappy with my appearance, but a little too prideful to try
looking for help. In the end, I caved, and I’m so glad I did. Erika is a true
professional – she put me at ease and introduced me to the basics of fashion in
a way that was easy to understand. During the image consultation, her package
included the best colors and styles to compliment my build. During the shopping
session, she worked within my budget to find me clothing for a variety of
settings. The end result? I feel more confident, have attracted more attention
from the opposite sex, and now know what styles and brands best suit my frame.
To me, this was more than just a great experience – it has helped define my
style for years to come.”
Marco, NYC personal shopping service and image consultation
In preparing for a business trip I cleaned out my closet and began planning for an NYC shopping spree.  As I considered my list of wardrobe wants and needs I realized that I could use some professional advice from an image consultant or fashion consultant.  After researching various NYC image and shopping consultants on the web I landed on My Image Expert, and I’m so glad I did.  Erika Chloe worked with me prior to my trip to ask me various questions about my lifestyle, body characteristics and even requested photos.  When I arrived for my afternoon image consultation and shopping experience, Erika was ready to go and we wasted no time.  I learned so much during our session and feel much more confident about what to buy and wear.  Watching Erika pull together various clothing items was like witnessing a Master Artist paint a canvas.  At the end of the day I was amazed at how many outfit configurations could be assembled from the stack of garments.  Erika even took photographs of the various outfit combinations for me to reference later.  I know some people are apprehensive to spend money on professional help – you can’t afford not to!  The return on my investment with MIE cannot be quantified.  I am now much more knowledgeable, have multiple combinations of outfits that were well thought out and I got most items on sale.  I am grateful to Erika and plan on working with her again in the future. Bill, Image Consultation, Personal shopping New york 
My Image Expert’s image consultants Erika Chloe and Sophia McDonald were very efficient, educational, stylish and professional. My sister and I were visiting from the Dominican Republic and decided to update our personal image with the personal shopping/ personal styling session. It took the image consultants only 3 hours to compose a new wardrobe with fabulous pieces for us both.  They worked with us at the same time so my sister and I were able to share this experience together.  However, we both had our own personals hopper and image consultant . Erika and Sophia quickly scan through items in each store with an eye for finding things that fit our body perfectly and looked amazing! I would highly recommend Erika and Sophia and we will be back to visit My Image Expert again every season to shop for stylish items that we can add into our existing wardrobe.  Gisele and Maria, New York fashion consultant service, personal shopping service

Recently, I won the opportunity to review and analyze my makeup, fashion, and clothing so as to put forward the best “me” and personal image with New York image consultant Erika Chloe, CEO of MY Image Expert, who is a wealth of knowledge on all of these fronts, and it was an inspiring session.  I was a bit nervous about having someone examine the choices I have made my whole life, but Erika’s obvious expertise and friendly nature put me right at ease.  It began with a beauty makeover to gain more awareness of proper makeup application and how to highlight various features on my face, selecting the colors that were best suited for my skin tones.  From there, we had a brief discussion about the most suitable hair styles, and then we moved on to a lengthy, thorough and easy dialogue about how to put my best fashion forward – everything from learning about colors that enhance my presence to which necklines work/don’t work on me.  With Erika’s guidance, it was easy to see that certain clothing cuts do not flatter me, and I was fascinated to see that wearing the proper colors and styles can absolutely make me look better.  We discussed the variety of designers (not all of them pricey) whose clothes look best on my body type.  Since our meeting a few weeks back, I have put many of her suggestions into practice, and it never fails that I receive compliments.  Embracing these simple changes has increased the confidence in my appearance, and I am so grateful to her. Carolyn, image consultation, New York beauty makeover, NYC personal shopper service
Prior to meeting with MIE I was frustrated with my look and my wardrobe.  I had a wardrobe full of clothes but never seemed to have anything to wear and never felt quite put together.  A few hours with image consultant, Erika and I had been taken outside of my comfort zone, provided with a look that really suits my size, shape and colouring, and have a fabulous new wardrobe to reflect this.  I am really excited about the purchases that Erika helped me make, I am excited and confident about my new “look and style” and feel fantastic!   I definitely want to continue to use the services provided by MIE and Erika in particular, even though I live in Indonesia.  I had a short time to meet with Erika and she really made it easy to do the initial consultations on-line. Thanks so much Erika, you have truly made a difference. Karen, New York image consultation, New york personal shopping service

I was doing some research while looking for a guest speaker for our college career week presentations and came across My Image Expert.  After speaking with Sophia, I was sure that MIE would make an excellent fit  in addition to our other speakers at the seminar.  The students and professors were looking forward to Erika Chloe’s (CEO) presentation on professional image and we were very pleased with everything from the presentation to the knowledgeable content.  Erika and her image consultants had an excellent multimedia presentation and  “back to work” fashion show that will be hard to top next year.  I will be inviting Erika and My Image Expert back next year for our student career week and look forward to working with them again soon!  Beth, Corporate Image Consultant/College seminar, New Jersey Guest Speaker
Erika is an excellent fashion stylist. She put together more than a dozen looks
for me that brought out my personal style and at the same time allowed me to
take a few fun style risks.
She was patient but firm in helping to purge my closet with the wardrobe analysis and made the
entire experience fun and informative by teaching me about color wheels,
appropriate clothing lengths and fit and so much more. Last, she showed me her
shopping expertise during our shopping day in NY. We did more great
shopping in four or five hours than I’ve done in four or five years!  Erika put together more than 2 dozens looks from the clothing options we selected.  When all said and done, I felt amazing about my professional appearance and will be back next season to have My Image Expert help me “keep up” my look.
Su Connor, Trenton, NJ, wardrobe analysis New Jersey, personal
shopping-styling session NJ

The beauty makeover and personal shopping/styling service offered by My Image Expert was everything I was looking for  to enhance and improve my professional and personal image.  My recent experience with Erika Grundland exceeded my expectations as she pulled together a mix and match wardrobe that better fit my body type and lifestyle.  As we were shopping, I realized that Erika understand how I wanted to market my self brand and personal image.  When it came time for the beauty makeover, I was a bit hesitant but to my surprise Erika and her beauty makeover team chose a hair color that complimented my skin tone and accentuated my eyes.  I never thought I could look the way I did when were finished.Since then, I have received a lot of compliments and I am happy to say that I’ve climbed out of my rut with a fresh new start. Donna, New york beauty makeover, NYC personal shopping, NY Image Consultation

I feel the advise I received during my image consultation and personal shopping services was very valuable & I believe I’ve improved my professional image for the work setting. I’ve actually got more than one complement from co workers which never happens. While I know I have a ways to go I do feel I have a better sense of direction in business attire and am ready to move forward with my job interviews. I’m less confident in the business casual & casual areas but even there I have better sense of some things to avoid based on our shopping session. Can you reccomend any reading material or websites I can utilize to educate myself?
I would like the opportunity to schedule another shopping appointment with you for the Spring.  Thanks you for all your help.
Frank, New York personal shopping service, NY image consultation

Since meeting with My Image Expert’s personal shopper a lot has changed, personally and professionally. Their assistance was very helpful, and I talk about the service quite often. I lost a lot of weight, so have purchased several new suits (I am now a 32 waist and was a 36 or so!), and continue to buy new things as anything I own from a while ago is huge. And, I no longer wear red, orange or yellow, or light pastels based on the color analysis I received during my image consultation. I feel great about my experience and learned a lot that I am still applying to my shopping behavior.  I wear more black, purple, blue, grey and the like. I feel pretty good, and may very well reach out to you again soon.  Robert, NJ personal shopping, New Jersey image consultation
I decided to try the personal shopping and wardrobe styling services provided by My Image Expert.  My co-worker recommended  NYC image consultant Erika Chloe with whom she had worked with on many occasions.  I have always hated shopping and wind up selecting the same boring items when I eventually do go shopping.  When I received a promotion at work, I decided to upgrade my style and look so I could have a fresh start.  I was very excited to meet Erika and move forward by investing in my appearance.  Image consultant Erika Chloe helped me determine my body structure and showed me what styles are best suited for my body structure.  During our personal shopping appointment she showed what colors and brands would flatter my figure and also taught me how to create my  own individual look with wardrobe styling.  My entire perspective has changed, I am excited about my new clothing purchases and have a fresh perspective on what to buy and how to style everything together.  If you haven’t tried these services, I highly recommend the personal shopping and styling.  I get complimented on my look everyday and will certainly work with these image consultants in the near future.  thank you Erika!  Jules, New York personal shopping service, NYC wardrobe styling service, NYC make-over service