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15 Foods for Your Face: The Flawless Skin Diet

Great skin never goes out of style.  The right foods combined with plenty of water is as good for your complexion as it is for your figure.  Flawless skin is a combination of smooth texture, hydration, even skin tones and clean pores.  In order to have healthy skin, you need to pay close attention to what you put into your body.  Your skin looks best when it gets proper nutrients from the food it needs. Before you cover-up your facial imperfections with make-up try avoiding them entirely by eating the following foods.  My Image Expert’s beauty and image consultants recommended trying several foods from this skin diet formula for three months; you are guaranteed to have healthier looking skin in no time!

  1. Green Tea – Every beauty expert and image consultant will tell you that Green Tea is the second best thing to drink for ageless skin aside from water.  It contains polyphenols and catechins which have anti-inflammatory and anti cancer radicals.  You should drink this tea hot in order to absorb the highest grade of antioxidants.   Our image consultants recommend drinking 2-6 six cups a day which can help prevent skin cancer and soften skin damage caused from sun exposure.
  2. Water – You can never drink enough water.  The skin needs hydration and our image consultants all agree that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day to keep your skin beautiful.  Substitute water for all the other liquids you drink throughout the day. Add a slice of lemon to give water some additional flavor and vitamin C.
  3. Flaxseeds – If you don’t have flaxseeds, our image consultants and beauty experts highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this tiny seed.  They contain omega-3 fatty acids that erase skin spots and have been proven to erase fine lines!  Our image consultants refer to flaxseeds as a natural, oral Botox.  A study conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate a tea spoon omega-3’s everyday for six weeks experienced a considerable amount of decreased redness and irritation along with better facial skin hydration.  The fats found in Omega-3’s prevent yours skins reaction to irritation while pulling water to the skin cells to pump up the facial skin and reduce signs of wrinkles.  Eat a teaspoon of flaxseeds or sprinkle them on your cereal or oatmeal in the morning.
  4. Almonds – Our New York image consultant recommends eating almonds for a clean source of energy and vitamin E.  This is a healthy snack to eat throughout the day to ensure long lasting energy and great skin.  Vitamin E helps the body moisturize the skin from the inside out which contributes to protecting the skin tissue from damaged cells and premature aging.
  5. Berries – Plums, Blueberries and blackberries have one healthy thing in common; antioxidants.  Our image consultants all agree that blue fruits contain the richest and purest form of antioxidants as do bright red fruits such as: raspberries, strawberries and cranberries.  Berries help the help body produce collagen and the antioxidants prevent damaging free-radicals that can lead to premature aging.  Blue berries along with the other berries mentioned above are also an excellent source of vitamin C and Vitamin E.  Kick off your skin diet with one cup of blueberries or berries in the morning in combination with your breakfast.
  6. Pomegranate Juice – Pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of nutrients for the skin.  They contain anthocyanins that strengthen the blood vessels which supply nutrients to the skin and heart.  It stimulates healthy blood flow which can reduce the formation of spider veins.  Every image consultant knows that eating a pomegranate fruit can be a mere headache.  The seeds are swimmingly difficult to abstract from the fruits “web”.  Drinking pomegranate juice saves you the frustrations and stained hands while providing the same nutritional balance.  Drink a glass of pomegranate with your lunch in the afternoon.
  7. Carrots – Every one including our image consultants and beauty experts knows that carrots provide a high source of beta-carotene.  This is good for the skin because the body converts beat-carotene into Vitamen A which helps prevent the over-development of skin cells. Over production of skin cells in the outer layer can create cells that are not being used and therefore die.  Dead skin cells create dry skin, rough patches and clog pores causing breakouts.  Eat about 16 baby carrots a day for healthier looking skin.
  8. Sweet Potatoes - This hearty item is loaded with Vitamin C which is a great source for wrinkle prevention.  Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production; the more collagen your skin produces, the fewer wrinkles you’ll have!  Our image consultants found an interesting study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found people who consumed about ½ of a sweet potato daily for 3 years, decreased the appearance of wrinkles by 11%.  Our experts recommend adding this item to your dinner menu 2-3 days per week.
  9. Tomatoes – Our image consultants say that Tomatoes provide natural sun screen for the skin.  The natural chemical that makes tomatoes red is called Lycopene.  This helps illuminate skin aging radicals caused by sun damage or UV rays.  Tomatoes provide the most nutrients when they are warm or heated.  Conjure up a great tomato or pasta sauce recipe for dinner and include at least ½ cup of cooked tomatoes which has 16 milligrams of lycopene.  This also helps alleviate the redness caused by UV rays on the skins surface.
  10. Spinach – Popeye ate it to gain his strength and you should eat it too.  This green leaf provides DNA maintenance which helps cells renew themselves.  The water found in these vegetables nutrients penetrates cell membranes which results in plumper facial skin and reduces wrinkles.
  11.  Low fat Cottage Cheese – Our image consultants want you to know that dairy is not only good for your bones; it’s good for your face as well.  Cottage cheese contains calcium but most importantly it has selenium, an essential mineral that does the body good by fighting off free radicals and protecting the skin against cancerous cells.  It has been proven the cottage cheese also helps illuminate dandruff by providing calcium, vitamin E and selenium to the scalps pores.  Make sure you avoid the fatty creams and milk found in regular cottage cheese and opt for a fat-free or 1% reduced fat container.  This is a great breakfast of lunch food.  Some people eat cottage cheese for dinner by mixing it with whole wheat penne pasta and basil.
  12. Mushrooms – Not everyone is a fan of this shish kabob favorite but the fungi provide an excellent source or riboflavin (B-12) and vitamin B. These are both used to repair skin tissue damaged by skin spots, scarring or rosacea.  Our image consultants recommend eating a ½ cup of sliced raw (packaged) mushrooms 3xs a week.
  13. Mangoes – Image consultants and beauty experts agree that mangoes contain an ample amount of Vitamin A for a daily dosage.  Contributing about 80% of vitamin A, this fruit works wonders for your face by maintaining and repairing skin cells.  When your body lacks this vitamin you will notice dry and flaky skin.  Mangoes also fight free radical damage that will prematurely age your skin by causing wrinkles and lines.  Eat a mango a day to keep the Botox injections away!
  14. Salmon – A great food for dinner, Salmon provides a healthy amount of omega-3’s. The body is incapable of producing this fatty acid on its own, so it is important to rely on outside sources to obtain an efficient amount.  Omega-3”s improve the skin by decreasing radicals that clog pores and also provides elasticity to dry and damaged skin.  They prevent harmful radicals from entering the skin and allow healthy nutrients to be absorbed from inside the body.
  15. Tuna – Our image consultants agree the best way to eat tuna is straight from the can once the water is drained and avoid the fatty mayonnaise.  Tuna has the nutrient selenium which helps preserve elastin that results in smoother and tighter looking skin.  Try eating a ½ can of tuna a day for lunch or a mid afternoon snack.

A skin diet is just like any other diet in the sense it requires commitment and consistency.  Try adding these foods to your daily diet or meals.  Our image consultant recommend selecting at least 5-6 face foods out of the 15 mentioned above to start with.  Once you are comfortably adjusted to these new foods, add a few more.  They should eventually become a part of your daily diet or in combination of the foods your currently eat. 

Avoid the following things which will crash your skin diet and result in bad hygiene:

  • Salty snacks: sodium absorbs the moisture from the skin and will result in bloating, puffy eyes, and puffy pockets under the eyes.
  • Fried Foods: hydroxy trans fat  found in vegetable oil causes the skin cells to die not to mention what it does to the rest of the body
  • Alcohol: dehydrates your skin and makes the skin vulnerable by opening the surface blood vessels.
  • Refined carbs: usually includes processed sweets or potato chips. These snacks will cause breakouts in the skin and sustain collagen production.


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