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Pricing and Fees

My Image Expert believes everyone has the right to look beautiful regardless of age, shape, or size. Our prices are unparallel considering the services and expert advice you receive. We charge an hourly rate that is consistent for all the services and packages My Image Expert offers. Our makeover services have an additional charge for photography, video footage, hair and make-up that varies from city to city. With new clients, we offer complimentary phone consultations. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and allows you to address any questions or concerns you may have. You can mix and match our services or have an image consultant customize a package for your individual needs. We handle all client relationships with respect and confidentiality.

Consultation (complimentary) - Whether you have specific questions or considered taking the next step to an improved image, our image consultants and fashion consultants want to hear from you. To help us understand your lifestyle and goals, we require that you complete our assessment worksheet prior to your complimentary consultation. This worksheet allows you to think about your current image along with the type of image of you want to project.  Once completed, the form is e-mailed back to us and one of our image or fashion experts will contact you for a complimentary consultation!  Use the "Contact Us" link to receive your virtual assessment form to get started.


Virtual Makeover (out of town package) - Not located in a city that My Image Expert offers image consulting, fashion consulting, and personal shopping services? Then the virtual makeover package is the exclusive option for you!  My image Expert offers virtual makeovers by providing a personal online shopper and stylist!

Every virtual makeover is customized to fit your lifestyle, career, personality, and social activities. My Image Expert provides a style guide complete with shopping links, style tips, and photographs to ensure the best clothing options for your body structure and shape.  The style guide includes everything one would need for a complete fashion and beauty makeover from head to toe! 

How does it work? The first step is to fill out our assessment worksheet via e-mail.  Once we receive your completed form the next step is to mail us two digital photos of yourself including a facial photograph (head shot) and a full body photograph. These images will be used to develop your personal profile.  An image consultant will contact you shortly after to discuss your goals and personal needs.  My Image Expert will then begin to create your customized style guide to ensure you the best possible clothing, accessory, shoes, hair, and make-up solutions.  Our pricing for this service is a packaged deal. Please call us for more information on the virtual makeover package price and be sure to also take advantage of our complimentary consultation.


Women's Makeover  - My Image Expert's most popular service is the women's makeover package. Every makeover is customized to fit the individual needs of the client. We work with each client from inception to completion. Re-inventing yourself is about the inner path to beauty rather than the outer journey. A makeover from head to toe is a great way to rediscover "you" or celebrate someone special! 

Our makeovers come complete with a personal shopper, an expert stylist, beauty makeover, and a new hair style with "What Not to Wear" hair experts and salon affiliates. Once your makeover is complete, we bring in our expert photographer to capture and document your new look.

Based on your needs, we put together a custom makeover package. This allows you to decide how many hours you want to shop for and lets you manage your makeover services and shopping budget.  The women's makeover service is billed at an hourly rate. To find out more about our hourly rates, please call and speak to one of our image consultants.


Men's Makeover - Our men's makeover package includes a full day of fashion and grooming. Your personal image consultant will turn you into a style icon. Whether it's a professional or casual image you desire, we take care of all the details by providing a wardrobe analysis, personal shopper, fashion stylist, hair cut, skin analysis, skin care tips and grooming services. 

Based on your individual needs, we put together a complete customized package. We analyze your body structure, facial features, and skin tones to provide individual services and recommendations! Once you makeover is complete, we offer a full hour devoted to your own private photo shoot! 

My Image Expert's male makeover is priced on an hourly basis. Services can be added or removed from the package at any time depending on the individual. To find out more about our men's makeover pricing, please call one our image consultants or personal shoppers.


Wardrobe Analysis / Personal Shopping - My Image Expert provides a wardrobe analysis that takes place at your home in your closet. This is a great starting point for many people and is designed to purge your closet of unflattering garments, shoes, and accessories.  This service is priced per hour. To ensure a successful wardrobe analysis, we ask that all clients group garments together (i.e. pants, shirts, tops, etc...) and take things out of boxes or storage.  This is a great service for people with a closet full of "nothing to wear."

A day of personal shopping with an image expert helps you to understand what style, shapes, fabrics, and colors flatter your figure. It is an informative session and will change your entire perspective about clothing! Our personal shoppers will shop with and show you how to create new outfits while maximizing your investments based on your shopping budget. A session with a personal shopper is based on an hourly rate.  We price per hour so that you can pull the plug whenever you like without committing to a specific amount of hours. To learn more about our personal shopping prices, please contact one of our image consultants or personal shoppers.


Make-up Makeover Package - A 1.5 hr. make-up makeover includes a day time to evening makeup application along with a make-up lesson.  We want to maximize your true beauty while teaching you how to maintain your new look on your own.  Our make-up experts help you to determine what products and colors are best suited for your skin type, texture, and tones. 

 My Image Expert also does make-up for specific events, photo shoots, media broadcasting, and weddings. Our packages are based on your needs and can be altered to accommodate small or large groups! Our make-up makeover varies in price based on your geographical location. Contact us to speak with an image consultant in your city to learn more about our make-up makeover and application prices.


Photo Shoot -The photo shoot is our favorite service! You can add this option to any of our individual services or packages.  How does it work?  Once you have completed your transition, we bring in our expert fashion photographer at your request.  The image consultant will select a location that best suits your new image and composition. A full roll of film will be used as we stage your photo shoot. The shoot takes about an hour and is a great way to unleash your inner beauty. 

We also offer photo services that document your journey through the transition and makeover process. Our expert fashion photographer will follow you and your image consultant for the day while taking photos. Capturing the details and experience of your journey; this is a great way to document your expedition. If you are with a personal shopper for the day, the photographer will be sure to capture each outfit and style combination on film for your own personal fashion catalogue! 

We offer professional service and experienced fashion photographers who also provide photo services for special events and weddings. If you would prefer to have video footage, then please let your image consultant know ahead of time.  Our video and photo services are an excellent way to share your voyage and document your progress that helps you remember your personal transformation!


Corporate Image Consultation - Our corporate image consultation is available for small or large groups. We work with large companies and entrepreneurs to ensure their business continues to enjoy success.  A corporate identity is an essential tool to command attention and brand identity.  We work with groups that range from 2-100.  A package is assembled based on the company's needs and the overall objective. We provide "one on one" consultations, group counseling, and seminars. Each service is priced based on the amount of attendees. For more information, please contact an image expert to learn more about our corporate pricing


Custom Clothing - E.C Stitch custom clothing prices are based on fabric selection, style details, and garment selection. Please contact one of our image experts to find out more about our special pricing.

My Image Expert offers a monthly and/or yearly retainer option. We are on call to use at your discretion for all of you image, fashion, and makeover needs. Whenever you have a question or have a fashion emergency we are at your disposal. We match you with an expert image consultant who is your personal stylist, personal shopper, and provides the 411 for all your personal style, beauty, and grooming needs. For more information regarding our retainer fees, please contact one of our fashion and image experts.


Gift Certificates - Think you know someone who wants or needs a fashion and beauty makeover? Do you have a friend or family member who watches too many makeover shows on television? Are you or someone you know in need of a style upgrade? Either way, telling someone they need a makeover can be a tricky subject to tackle. With our gift certificate option, My Image Expert let's you avoid the subject completely. We take care of the linguistics and break the good news in a celebratory way! Our Gift certificates are always an excellent surprise because they offer a unique and one of a kind experience that is customized for the individual. The results are flooring every time! Gift Certificates can be purchased up front for a set amount of hours or you can pay as you go. When purchasing hours up front, we offer a special price incentive!

Take advantage of our complimentary phone consultation to see if our services are right for you. Check My Image Expert online regularly to take advantage of our weekly style tips, beauty advice, and fashion blog. We feature a new pic of the week that includes everything from success stories to fashion disasters. Use our makeover resources to find the latest in beauty, skincare, and hair products. If you have a fashion or beauty related question and just need an expert opinion, "ask Erika." As president of My Image Expert, she regularly checks the site to address and answer all of your questions!


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