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The Power of Personal Image

Whether personal or professional, your image is an important aspect to individual success. It is often overlooked, but in no way should your image or personal appearance be ignored.   A study conducted by the National Science and Education Institute says that approximately 75%-80% of learning is acquired through sight. That’s an astounding fact and just based on this fact alone, it’s obvious that our personal appearance, image and presentation should be at the top of our list.  Most of what we think or feel towards someone is being recorded at a subconscious level.  So that being said, it is important to consider your personal appearance and how it affects you and others. 

With a positive personal image you effectively boost self-confidence and overcome any anxiety that will effect your emotions regarding ability or acceptance. When you appear well-dressed and groomed for the occasion, you feel more comfortable, confident and productive.  Your image is the one personal characteristic that is blatantly obvious and revealed to other people instantly. You can’t hide it. Your personal/professional image makes a strong statement about your personality, values, interests and goals.  When you appear well-dressed and properly groomed, you create a positive impression that others are sure to notice.

If you want to change your life, boost your self confidence, improve your personal relationships or get a promotion at work; start by doing an honest assessment of yourself. An image consultant can help you with the purpose at hand by providing image management services. In order to maintain a flawless image, here are a few simple basic guidelines to follow prior to contacting an image consultant:

  1. Always wear fresh smelling clothing. – do not wear work clothing in the evening and then wear the same clothes into the office the next or following day.  Fibers retain and absorb odors, the worst thing you can do is show up to the office smelling like booze or stale cigarette smoke.  Febreze and/or cologne is no exception to this rule!  Cologne does not cover up a stale smell, it makes it worse.  For a fresh and clean image, keep your work wardrobe separate for the occasion at hand.
  2. Never wear anything twice in 48 hours unless it has been washed – I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one
  3. Shoes polished and in great condition.  Torn, worn out shoes with broken or faded heels are unacceptable.  Grungy shoes can easily destroy a great outfit.  when you take the time to put together a great outfit you can easily disrupt a successful image by wearing the wrong shoes.  Think your outfits through, all the way down to the shoes on your feet.
  4. No open toe shoes – many companies have a dress policy that employees sometimes fail to read or recognize. I can assure it says, "no open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops."  This is considered unprofessional and nobody wants to see or smell your feet.  For women, our image consultants recommended a light weight pump or small peep toe shoe for the summer and warm months.
  5. Pants always clean and pressed. A reoccurring stain will be noticed and will earn you a label of sloth. Your pants may become creased when you sit down for your morning commute into the office, but make sure they are pressed so that there are no wrinkles.  Wrinkled clothes and creased clothes are not the same thing.
  6. Socks dark blue or black and no holes on the heels or toes – for men: socks should be the same color as your suit pants or dress slacks.  Our image consultants agree you should wear navy socks or colors that match your shoes when wearing jeans.
  7. Stay in tune with the times: buy and wear what is in style. – Wearing clothes that are out-dated send the message that you are behind the times. You want to present yourself in a current and up-to- date fashion.  Your personal image should be age appropriate and translate into words that are relevant.
  8. Browse fashion magazines -No shame for a guy to browse GQ in the bookstore. This will give you an idea of different ways to create outfits and step up your style sense. For women, this is a great way to find suggestions on how to style your garments.
  9. Shirts - remember, “ring around the collar”  is unacceptable.  If the dry cleaner can’t remove it, time for a new shirt.  This will also earn you a label of sloth.  White shirts easily retain sweat stains so try buying darker colors.
  10. No faded fabrics or discolored garments – get rid of  garments that are faded and worn out. They look tired and old.  You clothes should always appear fresh and crisp.
  11. If you smoke make sure you don’t smell like stale tobacco. It’s disgusting and people will judge you based on that fact alone.
  12. Smokers and heavy red wine, coffee and tea drinkers use a teeth whitener.  You want to ensure your smile makes a good lasting impression.  Your smile is the first thing people notice on your face keep it clean and maintain fresh breath.
  13.  Don’t wear an overwhelming amount of cologne or perfume.  You don’t want people gasping for air when you pass by or share an elevator with them
  14.  Men when shaving be clean and trim your sideburns and the hair on the back of your neck!
  15. Body weight; stay trim first for your own health. It is a judgmental world and as good as you may be at your job it’s the man or woman that is perceived to care enough about their total appearance that gets the job or date for that matter. Stay in touch with your body and health. This will in turn be self rewarding.
  16. Wear garments that fit your body. Get clothes that compliment you and do not tear down the image you want to portray.  Make sure you clothing fits you properly from the shirt to the shoes!
  17. Avoid loud and distracting clothing. It disrupts the work environment and some people may find it offensive
Once you have read over the image management guidelines provided by our image consultants, the next step is to create your individual style in a way that communicates a powerful personal appearance.  If you are serious about your appearance, you should seek the help of an image consultant.  With image management services, an image consultant allows you to become more aware of how your clothing and grooming affect the way you think, feel, and act along with how others will react to you. 

Your appearance is one situation factor you can generally control. While there is no one-and-only right way to look , the selection and coordination of clothing, with attention to proper fit and care is essential.  An image consultant understands this best and helps individuals create an appropriate, current, relative, attractive and affordable appearance. Make the power of personal image work for you!  Own Your Image.

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