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Why hire A Personal Shopper

Let’s talk fashion.  Understanding fashion is more than just knowing the rules.  It’s about having the courage to make a personal statement and taking the opportunity to directly influence how people perceive you.   Your personal fashion choices reflect your emotions, personality, lifestyle and goals.  It is a powerful tool and when used correctly, people regard you more favorably which in turn will increase your self confidence.  Fashion can be overwhelming which can make the development of your personal styling somewhat challenging. The process becomes effortless with the help of  personal shopping service.  A personal shopper can navigates stores and fashion brands to create current and appropriate styles that will leave you looking and feeling amazing!

A personal shopper can help you define your personal style buy teaching you about what styles flatter your body structure, what colors accentuated your skin tones and what outfits will help define your personal brand.  Your exterior is in fact a reflection of your personal brand so why not use your appearance to your best advantage.  Personal shoppers and image consultants should be able to successfully implement a look that is suitable for all the events in your life.  With the help of a personal shopper or personal stylist, you can learn a lot about your body structure and weight placement which will save you money and help you to make better fashion choices by influencing your shopping habits.

A personal shopper or image consultant is no longer a luxury reserved for celebrities. However many personal shoppers and personal stylists help to style fashion magazines, red carpet events and Hollywood’s hottest starlets. What do you think charms us so much when we look at inspiring fashion advertisements or photo spreads in a magazine?  Why do you think images of Kate Moss captivate us in the same manner when she’s dressed in Yves Saint Laurent vs. Long champ?  Personal shoppers, personal stylists and image consultants know how to create composition and once that is mastered it can be applied to anyone or anything. Beauty emanates from all of us and when we have the confidence to be the best that we can be, it shines through! A personal shopper can help you step out of your comfort box to put your best foot forward and help you embrace the ability to incorporate change.

At My Image Expert, we ensure an experience in developing your own personal style and developing a wardrobe tailored for you!  We create a personal brand that suits your lifestyle and personality.  Our personal shoppers create styles that are both authoritative and approachable. Who you are is not defined by labels or how much you can spend on a dress but by personal style, creativity and confidence.  Knowing what garments are best suited for your body structure is a big part of the process.  When you look good, you feel good and a personal shopper is a great way to step outside of your comfort box.

We understand that your image needs to be fresh, exciting and tell a story that appeals to your personality, identity, lifestyle and goals as well as your emotions.  That is why we have developed ways to help you define, create and sustain your own personal brand.  Everything we do is bound by a common thread- a set of creative values designed to inspire and help shape who you desire to be and how you dare to dress!  Many people don’t have the time to focus on themselves or fall into style rut over time.  When you appear outdated, you lose credibility and when you take time to develop your personal appearance; it sends the message that you pay attention to details.   Well our personal shoppers and image consultants define the details that will pull together the look and market value or your personal brand. 

Identify who you are and the message you want to send to others by keeping it simple…Let’s enhance and edit!  Fashion is constantly rotating like quarters in cash machine.  Our personal shoppers and personal stylists want to add value to your wardrobe by showing multiple ways to utilize your existing wardrobe, in addition to creating current and fresh wardrobe styles for each season.   Maybe it’s that great dress in your closet that you think is strictly wearable for spring…Let’s pair it with textured hosiery for fall and accentuate it with a contrast blazer.  Perhaps it’s as simple as adding that one great accessory like a fabulous neck piece or a great belt that will make your look standout and take it to the next level.  We want a clear, singular message to shine through.  YOU!
Taste level and style are two very different things.  In the world of fashion there is a need for personalized fit.  Each of our individual shoppers and personal stylists has a unique balance of identifying personal taste and styling appropriately for every occasion.  Our image consultants all agree that everything you wear reflects a strong sense of sophistication and passion for the things that make you unique.  No detail is too small and it’s through our meticulous attention that we set ourselves apart.   Whether you shop with one of our personal shoppers or personal stylists, embark on a beauty makeover or decide to re-evaluate your existing wardrobe; our image and fashion services are informative and “one of a kind.”

We invite you to try “My Image Expert” on for size.  Let us provide an experience that is informative, personal and relevant to what your needs are.  Each of our services can with an image consultation which includes a color analysis, body structure analysis and advice about what to wear and what not to wear.    Your personal shopper will educate you about what brands, fabrics, colors and style compositions are best suited to compliment you.  Shop with us every season or just get a fresh perspective on how to update your individual style.  We give you tools to maintain your look and help you make efficient and confident choices when it comes to your appearance.

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