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Men's Fall/Winter Fashion Guide 2012

Stay warm and well dressed this season by buying items that are trendy yet appropriate and don’t forget to flatter your manly physique in the process.  From Paris to Milan, our New York Image Consultant and CEO, Erika Chloe has compiled a list of autumn trends that you’ll want to focus on this season.  Incorporate these ready to wear items with your existing wardrobe or take this guide with you next time you shop.  Either way, you can apply these looks into your wardrobe for everyday activities that include: business professional, business causal, weekend casual, holiday gathering, date night or a night out with your comrades.

Two’s company but 3’s a crowd certainly doesn’t apply here.  For fall, everyman should have a 3 piece suit in his wardrobe.  As a personal shopper and stylist, you should know a three-piece suit is the most important element to any mans wardrobe.  Be sure to purchase a suit that has exceptional tailoring that's determined by how well the jacket, vest and pants fit.  All three pieces should look tailor-made to your physique; this helps the style look up to date and relevant. This classic look can be used in a multitude of different ways and can be separated to create many different looks that are youthful, trendy and stylish. With a 3 piece suite you can create styles appropriate for business casual, business professional and date night.  Our personal shoppers and personal stylists recommend Paul Fredrick for big and tall sizes.

Casual Fridays in the office can be translated in many different ways.  For a classic and timeless look wear a sleeveless v-neck sweater over a patterned button down shirt and dark denim jeans.  Finish off the look with your suit jacket and a European driver sneaker.  For business professional, pair your 3 pieces with a traditional solid button down shirt and a printed tie.  If its date night, our personal stylists advise separating the vest and pair it with a signature button down shirt and fun narrow or skinny tie.  Make sure to leave the tie loose around the neck with the first button of your collared shirt unbuttoned.  This look can be finished with a pair of dark denim jeans that make your ass-ets looks mouth watering.

Checks, Plaids and window panes are a big player when it comes to fall sport coats.  Every season, our personal shopper’s and image consultants style patterned sport coats with a multitude of different garments to create a stylish and sophisticated look for our individual clients.  While these stylish blazers are traditional and classic, many designers have resurrected this look by providing tailored cuts that are slimming and chic.  This is a great piece for fall and when layered properly, there’s no need for a fall coat.  Image consultant Erika Chloe applauds layer your patterned blazer with a crew neck sweater and bright colored button down shirt or a v-neck sweater and bright colored crew neck t-shirt.  For some extra cool points, match your shirt with a solid colored pocket square, wing tips and dark denim.  This look can be used for a casual get together or intimate casual date night!  Girls love when you go the extra mile and look put-together.

Double your pleasure and double your fun with a wool or cashmere double breasted top coat this fall.  Every personal and celebrity stylist will tell you that this trend was dominant all the way through Paris, Milan and New York.  This can also be found in a single breasted style My Image Expert's personal shoppers favor the double breasted look because it adds a level of sophistication and style while being more versatile.  The top coat can be worn over suits, sweaters, T-shirts or your woolly winter pajamas when walking the dog around the cold city streets.  This style should fit snug around your torso and chest so make sure you don’t size up!  The length of the top coat should come just above the knee and if your below 5’8 then you should try a shorter version of this or a pea coat.  Just make sure that the fit is tailored with clean lines that shape your torso instead of an over-sized style that you can wear on top of a thick heavy knitted sweater.

Cable knits and chunky sweaters are a great rugged casual look for fall and winter.  Avoid the thin gauge knits and crew neck pastels and opt for thick, feathered or solid yarns with wide gauge cables down the center or an all over pattern.  These heavy knits are great over a t-shirt or you can layer the look with a button down shirt and a sleeveless puffy vest.  Pair this look with jeans and nice rugged boot or scarf and avoid wearing a heavy coat on top as you won’t need if you layer properly.  Our New york image consultant;s conclude that you should accessorize with a plaid driver cap for a retro downtown look. Our personal stylists all agree that many men struggle when it comes to a weekend casual wardrobe as opposed to a business professional outfit.  For the colder months, make sure to stock up on stylish sweaters and scarves that look relaxed and will hold up after a few wears.

50 shades of Loden ( grayish-army color green) is the new alternative for grey and every guy needs to have a surplus of this color in his Autumn wardrobe this season.  Loden will work well with all your fall essentials, from gray flannel and tweeds to denim and even saturated primary colors.  GQ listed this this trend as a "must have" item for the colder months and our personal shoppers agree. This color worked its way into all different types of garments including, trench coats, cargo pants, casual cotton Dockers and even military inspired coats made from wool and cotton.  Loden is also a great color for chunky knitted sweaters.  This color should be treated like navy or khaki so you can wear any shade of neutral, primary or pastel color along with it.  We are also seeing a lot of tweed woven pants and suits constructed in this color combination which is a great fall shade for the office.  

Polka dots are a tricky trend to pull off no matter how comfortable with your masculinity you may be.  This trend is popping up in mens and women’s wear but to wear it without looking like a forgotten member of the Mickey Mouse Club you must incorporate a bit of subtlety.  Polka dots look great with a chevron or herringbone sports jacket because the pattern is relatively small.  Our personal stylists are advocates of print mixing so when mixing prints, fashion stylists agree that one print should be small and the other should be on a larger scale. Opt for a medium to small size polka dot tie and a solid shirt.  You can also go for a polka dot skinny tie with a white crisp button down and a colored v-neck sweater. Finish this trendy casual look with dark denim or dark grey jeans and a slip on leather boot or bootie.  If you’re not feeling the polka dot tie, try a pocket square instead.

Scandinavia is responsible for the Nordic print trend that is making its way into men’s fall fashion this season.  Boys will be boys, and the Nordic geometric patterns will allow you to recapture those lazy college weekends spent roaming around town and eating pizza.  These geometric woven sweaters are small patterns found in a multitude of colors.  It tends to be a more sophisticated preppy look that looks great under a tweed blazer or tossed over top a t-shirt and paired with your favorite worn-in denim.  A Nordic print sweater is a great piece for layering and allows you dress casual but still look trendy and athletic.  Guys with a shorter torso or small frame should wear prints that are designed on a smaller scale.

Leather sneakers and white rubber soles are the choice of casual weekend footwear for men of all ages.  Instead of wearing a chunky sporty sneaker, go for a slick leather sneaker can be worn with pretty much everything from dress pants to jeans.  A classic black or brown leather sneaker should do the trick and can be easily found in any department or designer store.  Expert fashion stylist Erika Chloe says to avoid bright colors and try to think simple and elegant instead of hip-hop chic.  This will allow creating a retro look instead of a look that says you’re trying too hard.  Leather sneakers are great for fall because they are extremely versatile and hold up against the cold months where the weather is less than ideal. Pair these with your loden jacket or pea coat for a weekend casual look or mix and match with your suit pants and sweaters.

Whatever your personal style is, it is important to always dress relevant and avoid an outdated look.  You lose credibility when your personal image is outdated and people in turn regard you less favorably. If you decide to update or upgrade your image, it is important to feel comfortable with your wardrobe selections otherwise you may come across as awkward to others.  Our image consultants, personal stylists and personal shoppers are experienced designers and fashion experts that use current fashion trends to flatter your physique and personality.   My Image Expert understands the demands that versatility can play on your wardrobe and personal image and we create style and personality that can be integrated into your everyday life.  For more information, feel free to contact one of our image consultants.

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