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Fashion Makeover for Men

Our men make-over services transforms your style and image from head to toe. My Image Expert offers a variety of men's makeover services including wardrobe analysis, personal shopper, style tips, men's fashion advice, hair style makeover, body analysis, and custom made clothing. Our image consultants and fashion experts provide a one stop solution for looking great both inside and outside out of the office.

Take control of your image, body language, and savvy style in order to command attention. My Image Expert offers a variety of men's makeover services. You have the option to purchase only select services or choose to do the "all in one" men's makeover with our fashion and style experts. This is a great way to upgrade your everyday style or reinvent your image for a new career. Maybe you are ready to begin dating again or just feel your fashion sense needs some extra help! Whether it's a special event or occasion, My Image Expert provides the perfect makeover for any situation!


Need men's fashion advice? Are you wearing the same style every day? Do you have a closet full of button down shirts and jeans? Do you feel your wardrobe is outdated? Do you need help picking out great stylish clothes? Do you have difficulty finding clothes that fit you properly? If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you need a style upgrade! Men tend to keep fashion simple by wearing whatever fits. Unknowingly, men conform to a daily uniform and wear the same type of style day in day out. Some men may find that their evening apparel consist of only button shirts and jeans. Don't let yourself fall into this category. Your fashion choices say a lot about your personality, career, and affect your social success. Our image consultants and fashion stylists create a style best suited for your personality, lifestyle, and social activities. Our men's fashion makeover provides you with style tips, fashion advice, and a personal shopper. If we can't find the right size for you, then we simply make it. E.C Stitch is our premier custom clothing collection that is handmade in New York. The fabrics are high end textiles hand selected from around the world. Because all of the clothing is bespoke (made to your exact measurements) you will never have problems with bulky shirts and short pants. To learn more about this service see our "custom clothing" link. Our experts are your personal stylists and shoppers that perfect a stylized look for you!

Hair Style & Grooming

Have you had the same hair style for the past 5 years? Are you ready to upgrade with a current and flattering look? Male grooming has come a long way since the local barbershop and should be sophisticated as well as exciting. A good hair style should frame your face according to your facial structure and suit your lifestyle. My Image Expert delivers easy to use hair solutions and grooming regimens designed specifically for each individual client. My Image Expert analyzes your facial features, skin tones, hair texture, and lifestyle in order to provide you with several new hair styles to choose from. Hair salons are eager to push the trendiest style or color on your hair with little consideration to your lifestyle; however our style experts take the time to create a custom look that will flatter your masculinity in all the right places. Whether it's a subtle change or extreme makeover, we create styles that are designed to suit the male lifestyle!

Grooming should be a natural regime. My Image Expert helps you to maintain and understand what regime works best for you. My image Experts provides the following: nail care, skin care, eyebrow trimming, body hair removal, facial hair removal, and cosmetic enhancement procedures. Our experts create a customized regime that will be easy to follow and maintain once it's implemented. We also provide a skin care guide that you can follow regularly to develop healthy and younger looking skin.

Cosmetic Procedures (Non Surgical)

Get a second chance at great skin! After time, the skin's surface may begin to look tired and dull. Sometimes blemishes leave the skin with minor scarring while sun damage creates uneven skin tones and slight wrinkles. Men sometimes neglect skincare. Thinking good skin is for women couldn't be further from the truth! Because men shave their face, it is subject to dehydration and ingrown hair. This can cause skin irritation, acne, and redness. It is important to protect, hydrate, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your face on a daily basis. The good news is that our image consultants and beauty experts know the best procedures to rejuvenate your skin's surface giving you a second chance at younger looking skin. All of our experts are educated and experienced when it comes to helping you find the right regime to solve your skin care problems. My Image Expert also provides a complete skin analysis to help you understand which skin care products are best for your skin type. Learn about the latest discoveries and procedures to have great skin naturally! Surgical procedures are expensive, permanent, and irreversible. My Image Expert works with the best medical spas in order to give you great skin at any age!

A makeover with My Image Expert is a complete package from head to toe. Our image consultants and fashion experts are highly regarded as the best in the business. You will be transformed in only a short period of time and will learn how to maintain your new image and style transformation from season to season. This is a great way to celebrate yourself or someone else. You may want to consider a makeover if you answer yes to any of the following: Are you a busy person/couple that has little time to shop? - Are you ready to get back into dating? - Are you celebrating a new look for a new body or need inspirational change to motivate you? - Heading back into the working world? - Are you ready to change or upgrade your appearance? - Are you getting older and have simply let yourself go? - Do you have a special event to attend? - Are you ready to dress and impress? - Do you feel your image doesn't match your personality or style?

  • Are you a busy person/couple with little time to shop?
  • Are you ready to get back into dating?
  • Are you celebrating a new look for a new body?
  • Heading back into working world?
  • Are you ready to change or upgrade your appearance?
  • Are you getting older and have simply let yourself go?
  • Do you have a special event to attend?
  • Are you ready to dress and impress?
  • Do you feel your image doesn't match your personality or style?
Our Philosophy: My Image Expert believes that if you don't focus on your image, then no one else will! Everyone deserves to feel and look their very best on a daily basis; we simply provide the proper tools and expert advice. Our expert fashion team helps rescue people from "style-disaster" by creating a comfortable environment and creating everyday style and image solutions. Our image consultants take many things into consideration before creating a custom look for each individual. We provide a makeover that can be maintained daily with respect to your personality, career, lifestyle, and social activities. The results are flooring every time! Make a lasting impression and own your image.
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