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Mens  Grooming Guide

Definition: Groom vb :  To clean and maintain the appearance of

The first day of summer is June 21st and there’s no time like the present to start looking good. Either by working with an image consultant on a personal makeover or by simply developing a daily grooming regimen, it’s always important to make a good impression.

Nowadays more and more men are realizing how important it is for them to take care of their skin, personal grooming and appearance. Men are usually tougher on their skin by the simple fact that they constantly have to shave. There’s more to men’s skin care than just lathering up and taking a razor to your face.

With summer just around the corner, it is imperative to take proper care of your skin.  Developing a daily regimen will prolong wrinkles, age spots, breakouts, and consolidate preventive damage. The heat causes dehydration of the body which directly affects the tone and texture of your skin.  You should take necessary measures to moisturize the skin and replenish the body with plenty of water.  Since men perspire more so then women, it is crucial the keep your skin and body clean.  Salt from sweat acts as sticky paper for dirt and will clog your pores.  The use of tanning oil or sunscreen on the face is a terrible idea! After sitting in the heat all day, oil will clog your pores and create unwanted breakouts and blackheads. The best option is to use a facial cream with a high SPF. Cream based sunscreen allows the skin to breath and moisturizes the body at the same time.

The following men’s grooming tips should help you in developing your own personalized grooming regimen.
The Shave:

  • Prep your skin. First, use a face wash to clean away oil and dirt.  Follow up with a facial scrub to dislodge dead skin cells that can get in the way of achieving a close, clean shave.  Next, hydrate your skin with warm water for two minutes by resting a warm face cloth over the skin. This will open your pores which help to prevent in grown hair and razor burn. Dry your face immediately by patting it with a clean face towel.
  • To enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave, first determine what type of skin and beard you have, and then buy the appropriate shaving lubricant and razor. The right kind of shaving cream and razor will make a world of a difference. Dull razors will cause irritation so be sure to use a fresh blade.  If you want clean cut shave then avoid electronic razors.  Shaving oil works better as a lubricant and causes less irritation.  The oil softens the hair and sits on the skin surface. This allows the razor to glide over the face several times without reapplication.  Shaving cream disappears from the face once the razor is rubbed over the designated area.  If you have gone weeks without shaving, it is important to trim the facial hair beforehand
  • Run the blade under warm water to kill any bacteria. When shaving use light, gentle strokes as to not irritate the skin. Shave in the direction that the hair grows. Then, if necessary, shave in the opposite direction for a closer shave. Always keep the skin lubricated with oil. Dry shaving will cause razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Once you have achieved your overall look it is time to cleanse the face.  Use a facial cleanser to remove any excess hair and products.  Pat the face dry with warm wash cloth so the pores remain open.  Follow through with a daytime facial moisturizer to replenish the moisture on the skin’s surface.  Your face will naturally produce oils on its own.  If you have relatively oily skin, it is best to wash your face 3xs a day. Too much natural oil on the surface will clog your pores and prevent it from absorbing oxygen.

The Facial:
A monthly facial is a great way to cleanse the skin beneath the surface.  Your pores absorb many toxins from day to day that get trapped below the skins surface.   A professional image consultant usually has an experienced beauty team that will provide facials, as well as various other makeover services.  Depending on the condition and texture of your skin, a facial can be altered to include specific products and treatments.  If you take good care of your skin, all you need is a monthly men’s facial.  If you have been negligent, then you may want to consider a facial that includes additional services like: microdermabrasion, glycogen treatment, or a chemical peel.  Either way, it is important to consult with your image consultant in order to figure out what procedure you may or may not need. 

The Pedicure:
A pedicure is a good idea for a man to do as part of his regular grooming regimen. If not done regularly, this should be done at least once at the beginning of the summer season.  This way you’ll have the confidence to wear your flip-flops to the pool, the beach and all those summer barbeques. When wearing sandals or open toe shoes, dirt gets stuck on the foot bed, in between toes and underneath your toenails.  A good pedicure will clip your nails, remove calluses, remove dirt below your nail bed, exfoliate or remove dead dry skin, leaving your feet smooth and clean!  Cave men are not female approved! A professional image consultant usually has an experienced beauty team that will provide pedicures, as well as various other makeover services.

The Manicure:
Men regularly neglect their hands and feet.  It is important to maintain well groomed hands and nails.   Many men avoid manicures because they consider it to be a feminine procedure.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth! It is important to have clean nails and callus free hands.  Lifting weights and manual labor takes a beating on your hands.  Day to day activities also contribute to a great deal of dirt and germs that hide underneath and behind the nail.  Clipping the nail just isn’t enough.  Since men do not wear nail polish the natural color of the nail bed is exposed for all to see.  Having this area buffed and smoothed out creates a bright white nail bed that tells the world you are cleanly person.  If not done regularly, this should be done every 2 months or when needed.

Your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face because they frame the shape of your eyes.  A man’s eyebrows should be groomed on a regular basis.  If your eyebrows look like huge caterpillars crawling across your face, consider yourself a good candidate for an eyebrow trim and wax!  Eyebrow hair also grows in the center which can sometimes look like “uni-brow.”  Most nail or hair salons are equipped to give your eyebrows a quick clean up.  If you have extremely dark and thick eyebrows they should be shaped and trimmed down.  Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at your face and if you have “out of control” eyebrows it will be the second thing they notice!  Keep it simple, you don’t need to go overboard.  Threading is great option because it lasts longer but waxing will work equally as well.

Nose Hair:
Do not neglect trimming your nose hair.  Although it may sound silly, take a small mirror and hold it just beneath your nose.  It is hard to see “fly away” nose hairs by looking head-on into a mirror.  This gives you a different perspective and will tell you when it is time for a trim!  Nose hair tends to be dark shade of brown or black.  When it grows out of control, it is always noticeable especially against light skin tones!

The Wax:
Last, but not least the waxing of the body hair. Some men chose to wax their entire body, some wax their entire chest and back only, while others wax portions of their body. This gives a man a polished, clean look.  While body hair remains a very subjective topic, My Image Expert offers several options for your personal preference.
If you have an alarming amount of dark thick body hair and pale skin the best option to use a razor with #1 trimmer.  Never use a straight razor on your body because the hair will grow back thicker and darker.  This will also cause razor burn and ingrown hair.  A trimmer will cut the body hair down enough so that you don’t look like Sasquatch on the beach.  Don’t forget to trim your back hair, underarms, and legs.  Man-scaping is crucial beach attire!  If you have little body hair it is best to wax!  Waxing can be a painful based on the frequency and the amount of hair.  If you don’t have an excessive amount of body hair, then it will be a quick painless procedure!  Waxing should be done by a professional to avoid any unnecessary skin irritation. A professional image consultant usually has an experienced beauty team that will provide waxing, as well as various other makeover services. 

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