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Fashionable Fall/Winter Coat Guide for Men

Stay warm this winter without compromising your style.  Men are naturally more concerned with function rather than fashion.   However, try not to look like a lumber jack or a fashion victim this winter season by following a few simple guidelines.  Our image consultants and fashion consultants want you to know that it is possible to be both warm and stylish.  When Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, he may just ask you where you got coat.  Men need to step outside their comfort box and play around with different coat styles.  If you are wearing your old winter coat from two years ago, chances are you need to update your style.  An image consultant can help you update your fashion sense and style. Every season our image consultants shop in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC to help men find a fashionable winter coat.  My image expert gathered date from all  their image consultants, fashion consultants and personal shoppers in order to bring you a fashionable style guide for men's coats. Don’t be afraid to cough up the cash to make a worthwhile investment.  A winter coat takes a lot of abuse throughout the season so you want something that will hold up and weather a storm.  A coat is also an important item because it covers everything else making a debut appearance in and out of the day!  Nobody ever knows what you have on underneath! Finding the right coat can be a tough choice; you want something that provides ample warmth with a stylish appeal.  The following fall/winter coat guide, established by My Image Expert's image consultants and fashion consultants, will help you determine what style and fabric is suitable for your body structure.

The Pea Coat is an all-time classic style generally made out of navy or black colored heavy wool. This style was originally worn by European navy sailors in the 19th century and modern renditions have been translated into both men’s and women’s fashion.  The pea coat is generally very thick and heavy with a broad lapel and double breasted front.  The buttons are very large and the length usually comes just below the seat area for men.  Certain garments never go out of style and the pea coat is just one of many.   This style is best suited for men with a leaner and longer frame.   The wool weight is heavy and thick so naturally a double vested coat will add a lot of extra weight to the upper body.  Men that are leaner can afford to have the extra fabric around the chest, midsection and seat area.  If you have a large upper body including arms and chest but have skinny legs then should avoid this style at all costs!  This thick style will make you look top-heavy and emphasize your smaller waist and legs ultimately making you look like an upside down pear!  The pea coat generally looks good on people who are around 5’9” - 6’1” tall with a proportioned upper and lower body.  If you are taller than 6’1” then you should try a Bridge Coat style.  A bridge coat is a pea coat that just happens to be a bit longer.  The length comes past the seat area and extends to the thighs.  This is a better style for guys with the same body type but a little extra height.  If you are taller and you jacket ends in your seat area, you legs will seem like they run on forever.  The pea coat is a classic style that will work with business casual and weekend casual clothing.  For great pea coats see:

  • Paul Smith Melton Pea Coat
  • PS Paul Smith Black Wool Peacoat
  • Marc New York Mark Wool Pea Coat
  • Shades of Greige Moleskin Pea Coat
  • Calvin Klein Overcoat, Carter Peacoat t
  • Theory Apollo Frank Coat         

The Overcoat is best suited for a man who enjoys a distinguished look.   This particular style is intended to be worn as the outermost garment and usually extends to, or below the knee.  Made from wool, cashmere or a blend of both, the overcoat will makes a lasting impression when paired with a neatly wrapped scarf.  The single breasted overcoat is most popular and recommended style.  The Lapel can be worn open to expose your shirt and tie or worn closed for added warmth.  Navy or black is the color of choice and avoid anything camel or khaki unless you are a New England Aristocrat or fox hunting with a sleuth of hound dogs! If you want to step outside the box of boring dark colors then opt for a pinstriped or subtle check pattern.  You can also play around with different scarf patterns for a bit a flavor.  Some over coats come with a waist belt option.  Most men let these fabric belts hang in back of the coat which may result in disaster.  Avoid belted overcoats and try to find something fitted. You can always have the coat altered for a much needed tailored look.  Most department stores offer tailoring services.  If purchase an overcoat in a department store and decide to have it tailored, make sure the sleeve length is not overlooked.  The coat should fit like a sleeping bag or paper bag. Make sure the tailor knows what he is doing because most of them are oblivious.  Of course my opinion is bias, but be sure to tell the tailor to fit the jacket in the chest, waist, arms, and seat!  Overcoats an also be custom made or bespoke.  This takes the guess work out of tailoring and ensures a perfect fit!  The over coat style is a great style for most men of average weight and size.  If you are below 5’8” then you don’t want to wear a style that comes to your knees. It will swallow your size and look silly so try a shorter style like the bridge coat or car coat.  If you are really tall and lean then you should go for a double breasted overcoat.  Investing in an overcoat is a long-term investment, especially if it is 100% cashmere!  The over coat is a stylish item that will work with business professional, business casual and weekend casual clothing.  For great over coats see:

  • Calvin Klein Overcoat, Stewart  Royal   BOSS Black "Coxx" Bib Front Wool Jacket
  • Underground Rock n' Roll Cashmere Pea Coat ( trendy fashion-forward style)
  • Etro navy plaid wool 3-button overcoat
  • Signature Cashmere Topcoat (JosA.Bank)
  • Vivienne Westwood Navy Melton Overcoat

The car coat is a comfortable and stylish solution for the 9-5 commuter.  The car coat got its name from the A-line style silhouette, flat front closure and mid thigh length that make it a modern and functional garment. The style features allow for comfortable movement and warmth while driving a car, hence the name.  With a flat front center closure, this prevents the garment from bunching like a double breasted coat would and enables driving comfort and movement.  The knee length keeps the drivers legs from getting entangled in fabric. Car coats come in a variety of fabrics including wool, tweeds, leather and cotton.  They are usually lined with a luxurious silk or polyester blend.  A flap or placket usually conceals the button or zippers adding a wind proof barrier.  Avoid cotton car coats for the fall or winter because they will not be warm enough.  Cotton is not considered a winter coat fabric like wool and cashmere.  Leather is a great option as long as there’s a shearling or wool insulate just avoid suede.   A car coat is a great style for a heavier set man due to the A-line styling detail.  It is the perfect length and weight for someone with a heavier upper torso, midsection or seat area.  It has a clean center closure and doesn’t add extra fabric like a double breasted style would.  For a cleaner look, try a closed front placket where the buttons or zipper is covered.  For a sportier look try a bib front or French placket which allows the closures to be exposed.  The cat coat is a modern and pratical item that will work with business professional, business casual and weekend casual clothing.  For great car coats see:

  • BOSS Black "Coxx" Bib Front Wool Jacket
  • HUGO "Marenius" Black Seamed Coat
  • BOSS Black "Coxx" Twill Bib Front Jacket
  • Acne Navy Tweed Symbol Coat
  • Calvin Klein Wool Fly Front Car Coat
  • Burberry Wool Blend Car Coat
  • Burberry 2 in1 Car Coat

The signature coat is usually recommended for men with great style and the confidence to dress fashionable.  A signature coat is usually a fashion statement or a trendy coat that a guy can wear out on the week nights or weekends that is both warm and stylish.  New York fashion week exposed a variety of “one of a kind” coats that are sure to leave lasting impression.  Whether you seek a rebel, military, urban or rock and roll look, stylish outerwear options include a more exotic or defined look.  Shearlings, velvet, pinstripes, fur, mixed textiles, combined materials, and signature styling are all components that contribute to a unique coat.  Try these styles or discover your own:

  • Armani Jeans "Eco" Shearling Coat
  • Shearling Trench Coat
  • Wool Double Cloth Toggle Coat
  • Oliver Spencer Khaki Plaid Washed Wool Hooded Coat
  • G-Star Decoy Wool Garber Trench Coat in Black
  • BOSS Black "Colbert" Military Jacket
  • HIGH Blazer (Yoox)
  • Michael Kors Leather Utility Jacket
  • Moschino Coat With Waxed Taping
  • BALENCIAGA Coat (Yoox)
  • DSQUARED2 Coat (Yoox)

It is recommended that try these styles on.  Many European labels use different sizing specs and coats will vary based on the grading size.  My image expert is devoted to providing you the best style solutions; if you need further assistance with outerwear selection, please contact a My Image Expert Image Consultant

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