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Intimate Details Immediately Obvious to Others

Your personal and professional image is the most important personal tool that you have so be sure to maximize your assets and downplay problem areas to secure a confident attitude which will help others regard you more favorably.   First impressions are based on instincts and a quick fire way to find something relatable in someone.  People naturally favor or respect others that they can relate to in one way or another.

A powerful personal and professional appearance will help you achieve the success, confidence and the goals in which you aspire to accomplish. If you aren’t experiencing the level of confidence, power and success you deserve, then it’s likely that you need to seek the help of a fashion consultant or personal stylist to help you step outside of your comfort box so you can convey an updated and suitable image.

Take a moment to think about how the world around you treats and reacts to you.  Observe your observer to determine how you make others feel, think or act.  Then take a look at yourself and think about the things that can be changed or improved. There are many things immediately obvious to others when it comes to your personal image.  Most of these things are intimate details that you learn right away about someone but never think twice about.  You can determine a lot just by looking at someone.  Our image consultants have compiled a list of things immediately obvious to others that include subtle and not-so subtle things.

One can determine how much another person drinks by looking at their eye color.  This is great to know if you are hiring for a job position or going on a date.  Eye color is a major contributor when it comes to your facial features.  People communicate with their eyes so make sure yours tell a sober story.  Eye color is a great way to determine how much alcohol tolerance an individual has.  Georgia State University conducted a study in 2000 that found men with light eye colors can handle more liquor than their dark eyed counterparts.

Brown eyed individuals are also more sensitive to medications and toxins.  Because of those sensitivities, dark eyed folks know when to stop when they have had enough.  Those with lighter eyes tend to require more liquor to get buzzed and are more likely to abuse alcohol.  Psychologists are still looking into the details as to why and there are a few theories but we can discuss that in another article. 

Your body language is a huge non-verbal communicative tool and says a lot about your personality.  You can project a confident image with just body language alone.  This includes posture, facial expressions and eye movement.  Communication consists of 93% body language and 7% of words themselves.  Body language provides an insight into someone’s attitude.  Our image consultants recommend taking a step back to think about what YOUR body language says about you!

Rapid eye movement suggests that a person might feel uneasy or aggressive whereas constant eye contact indicates a person is thinking positively.  If someone is fidgeting while engaged in eye contact it means that their attention is elsewhere.  When an individual looks from eye to eye they are establishing an authoritative position.  If someone looks from eye to eye then down at your lips, it is an indication of romantic feelings.

Crossed legs (scissor style) are a mere indicator of a confident and educated man.  When the legs are crossed in this manor it suggests a certain humbleness that comes along with their personality.  They are more open to opportunities.  When the legs are crossed with the ankle over the knee it suggests the same however the man is less likely to be humble and translucent.  As men age, they become comfortable with their life and decisions.  It is not uncommon to see a man sitting this way and it is not an indicator of sexuality by any means.  You will find President Obama sitting scissor style in most of his interviews or photos whereas George Bush is more of an ankle knee type of guy!

Slumping over or walking with one’s head to the floor means the individual has a depressed attitude.  Well-being affects posture by giving it a sense of balance and energy.  Someone with a more energized attitude will walk with a straight spine and raised head.  Confidence can be measured by uprightness of one’s body.  Poor posture can easily be impacted by health conditions as well.  So before judging someone’s character by their body language you must first rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Facial hair seems to do wonders for many men.  While beards and mustaches have permeated hipster culture for years, facial hair is now beginning to catch on among more conservative, once clean-shaven financial professionals.  Our image and fashion consultants say that facial hair sends the message that you’re not afraid to take risks and you’re confident with you decision making process.  Of course un-groomed or unmanageable facial hair can work against you. Sloppy facial hair tells people that you don’t pay attention to the details.

You can tell a lot by the size of someone’s hands.  Small hands show that a person in energetic whereas large hands show a sense of obedience. Wide hands usually belong to those who feel sympathy and narrow hands can mean someone is exacting or critical.  Hand gestures are another form of non-verbal communication.  You may be unconsciously communicating in ways you don’t realize. Using no hand gestures may be perceived as indifference. Your audience may feel that you don’t care about what you are talking about.  When your hands are hidden it makes it hard for your audience to trust you

Paralinguistics plays a powerful role in your image and refers to vocal communication that is separate from actual language. This includes factors such loudness, inflection, tone of voice, and pitch. Consider the effects that tone can have on the meaning of a sentence. When said in a strong tone of voice, listeners might interpret approval and enthusiasm. The same words said in a hesitant tone of voice might convey disapproval and a lack of interest.

Your appearance is the one personal characteristic you can’t hide from others. Your choice of color, clothing, hairstyles and other factors affecting appearance are also considered a means of nonverbal communication. Colors alone can evoke different moods. Wearing yellow can suggest that someone’s is anxious or nervous. Appearance can also alter physiological reactions, judgments and interpretations. Just think of all the subtle judgments you quickly make about someone based on his or her appearance.  Most people don’t realize the psychological effect that color has.

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