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Image Consultation

What to expect from your personal stylist

To truly know what people think of your overall image, you must observe your observer. Your image is what speaks the loudest volume when no words are being said. If you don’t focus on your image, nobody else will! The image you project to the outside world around you should be a clear representation of your personality, lifestyle, career goals an social objectives.  My Image Expert will teach you how to manage your image and appearance so that you feel confident and comfortable about the image you want to project. 

A personal stylist is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Everyone can be beautiful regardless of age, shape, or size. Whether you want to update your style, enhance your image, or reinvent yourself with a makeover, My Image Expert provides unparalleled services to meet your needs.We understand that sometimes seeking the help of an image consultant can be somewhat intimidating.  My Image Expert is compromised of industry professionals who value the importance of rewarding relationships.  Our image consultants are inspired by your individual stories and motivation for change.  We take pride in being the leading innovator for the services we provide and guarantee our clients a successful life changing experience.  Be prepared to have an entirely new perspective about your body structure, wardrobe, image and overall appearance. 

Your image consultation is customized to meet your personal, professional, and social needs. Our image consultants take these things into consideration along with the natural distinctions that make you unique. We analyze your body structure, silhouette, facial features, and skin tones to create your individual style. Our image consultants are committed to working with your budget.  We offer a reasonable hourly rate that allows you to pull the plug whenever you like based your budget; you are not locked into any set amount of hours.  We frequently offer monthly specials and discounts as well, so be sure to check in regularly for our latest promotion!

We provide a variety of services including; personal shopping, style tips, fashion advice, wardrobe analysis, make-up tips, women makeovers, men makeovers, and custom made clothing. Your image consultation  includes any of the services we offer along with a personal profile guide that you can keep as a style index. Your profile guide is a great tool to help you manage and maintain your image! With all new clients, we require two separate photos prior to your appointment.  These photos include a clear and current head-shot along with a full body photograph. All photos are kept  confidential and are used to develop your personal profile which includes: skin tone analysis, color analysis and body structure analysis.  Once you complete your complimentary phone consultation, we will request these photos in order to schedule your "one on one" image consultation where we will discuss your lifestyle and career goals.

We respect the privacy of our clients and for more sensitive relationships, we offer an intimate and private environment.  My Image Expert has special relationships with designer boutiques and can bring the shopping to you.  Our personal stylists and image consultants will help you manage your appearance on a daily or monthly basis.  Whether it's a "wow moment", special event, or work protocol; we provide you with everything you will need to look flawless. We present you in the best light by creating an image-making wardrobe and handle all of the personal shopping details as well.  Many of our high profile clients ask us to make clothes for them.  If you have your own idea, illustrations or concepts that you would like translate into a fashion or wearable garment, we have the capacity and design expertise to produce it for you!  With two fully staffed design showrooms, our stylists and image consultants can help bring your ideas to fruition.  We regularly make custom clothing items including: dresses, suits, sport jackets, pants, blouses, shirts and coats that can be found in our E.C STITCH custom clothing collection.  

Our image consultations give you all the tips on “What  to Wear,” and have the ability to transform your image.  Feel free to browse through our fashion and beauty services to learn more about how our personal stylists can help you achieve your goals. Our services can be mixed and matched or you can have your image consultant suggest recommendations based on your needs. Check in regularly to find out about our seasonal discounts, holiday gift packages, and gift certificate programs.  My image Expert enjoys feedback as well.  Check out our testimonial section to see what people are saying about us.  We also have a "Featured Articles" section that provides information on helpful topics.  If you have a suggestion on a topic that you would enjoy knowing more about, we would love to hear from you.

We offer new customers a complimentary consultation session. This is a great opportunity to get know our company and explore our many service options.  This session also allows us to match you with the best suited image consultant in your city.  We also help out of town visitors enjoy the best the city has to offer by providing shopping trips.  Let My Image Expert take you on a guided shopping tour to discover the city's best kept secrets!  our image consultants also offer a remote package to help out of town clients.  This online makeover includes a personal style guide, makeover suggestions, grooming tips, fashion makeover, shopping links and style advice.  We provide you with all the tools and instructions you will need in order to recreate or upgrade your image.  For more information, please contact one of our image consultants.

 Out of Town or Abroad? My Image Expert offers an exclusive remote package called, “What to Wear.” If you live in a City that my Image Expert does not currently service and would like to acquire our image and wardrobe services for yourself or a friend, than this is the package for you.   The “What to Wear” remote service, provides you with insight into your body structure that you will not get anywhere else.  There's a solution to feeling frumpy and out of style that is easier than you think.  Designers make clothes for certain shapes and proportions, not knowing what to wear can leave you second guessing yourself and your wardrobe.  Finding the right garments, styles and fabrics to fit your figure makes all the difference in your overall presentation, image and confidence.
The gift of this service is knowing what type of shape you have based on your height, weight placement, proportions, and bone structure. The initial consultation takes place on the phone with a 30 minute interview and questionnaire. Then you will send 2-4 photos to our "What to Wear" wardrobe consultant.  Three days later you will receive a "What to Wear" style guide customized to your figure and proportions.   The style guide is a very comprehensive analysis package that includes what type of clothing, styles and colors are best suited for your body structure with recommendations on exactly What to Wear.  It also includes how to style complete outfit combinations with jackets, sweaters, shoes and accessories.  This guide will help ease the frustration of shopping by providing a complete understanding of what type of garments you will need to shop for in the stores near or around your hometown or online.
Everything you need to compliment your figure and update your style will be laid out for you in an understandable and “easy to follow” format. As a result, you'll feel better in your clothes and feel comfortable making your own garment selections.  With this guide, My Image Expert will develop a signature style that decorates your personality, lifestyle and social activities.  If you feel frumpy, it will make you look stylish; if you feel short, it will help you appear taller; if you feel top heavy, it will balance your proportions; if you feel unprofessional, the style guide will help you create a professional wardrobe and polished image.  You will never have to wonder what looks good on you because the guide will give you all this information.
What does it cost?  Our wardrobe consultants offer a complete “What to Wear” style guide that includes:

  • Body structure analysis
  • Color analysis
  • What styles to wear
  • What colors to wear
  • What stores to shop in
  •  Online links to purchase “what to Wear” garments  
  • How to style garments together
  •  How to accessorize your wardrobe
  • Wardrobe Analysis – you send us photos of garments you already own to be reviewed

 We also offer a second guide if you are a "just give me the basic facts" kind of person.  This includes the basic information of what style to wear and what type of garments to avoid.  For more information about this service and pricing options, please call to speak with one of our image consultants or wardrobe consultants.  

Our New york image consultant, Philadelphia image consultant, Baltimore image consultant, New Jersey image consultant, and Connecticut image consultant are highly regarded experts in the fashion and beauty industry. We are image experts equipped to handle your appearance from head to toe ! Enjoy your time on our site and take advantage of our weekly style blog for last minute fashion advice and style tips that you can try on your own! 

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