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An Image Consultant that works for You

Everyone needs a makeover! Even some people in the fashion business could use a little “freshening up” now and then. Sometimes all people need is a different point of view to help with their style dilemma because the idea of personal style is one that people can and should certainly stand behind.  With the Spring and Summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to upgrade your style and update your appearance.  With the help of an image consultant or personal stylist you can create an individual style that suits the needs of your everyday lifestyle no matter who you are or what you do professionally.

While terms like “Metrosexual” and “SNAG” (Sensitive New Age Guy) and the sentiment behind them are a start, more work is needed. These terms narrowly define the individual and don’t encourage a sense of personal style. There’s no denying that it can still be challenging for guys in New York to be both masculine and fashionable.  The mindset centers on men changing their fashion mantra from, “whatever to what’s better.”  You don’t have to look like a model to be stylish, but you do have to care about and express confidence in what you wear.  If this rationale doesn’t convert men to embrace a new and stylish mentality, then might I add that they are usually a big hit with the ladies.  Think of the metrosexual mentality as the complete package.

To help build your image, our New York image consultants, New York personal stylists and personal shoppers recommend these few easy steps: Keep what you have and just wear it differently, buy a few choice wardrobe items to help complete and update your existing wardrobe.  Make sure you have a variety of options aside from the button down shirt and polo and be sure to  have a few basics. Some John Varvatos slacks or a Façonnable button down can go a long way. Maybe you just need some nice basics from J. Crew to round out your wardrobe? Plus a lot can be done with some accessories from Push or Paul Smith and new shoes from Marc Jacobs.

An image consultant or personal stylist can teach both men and woman about what styles are flattering for you physique. Who better to tell you if that form fitting Missoni skirt works or if Massimo is a better fit for you? It doesn’t have to be high fashion to be right for you and it sure will cost less. Is your favorite Diane Von Furstenberg blouse awesome or should it be made into a throw pillow? Can you pull off that Betsey Johnson dress or would you look better in Nanette Lepore? I will say it again; you don’t have to look like a model to be stylish, you just have to know what looks good on you. First, the personal stylist or image consultant has to decide what you want and what you need; these are not always the same things. A quick consultation with a style consultant can help anyone define the basics that contribute to a powerful personal appearance.

Don’t just stop at your closet; your environment is a mirror of your state of mind. This goes for both girls and guys. When you look into the mirror, what do you see?  Is your hairstyle the same as it was when you graduated high school or college?  What does your clothing choices say about your personality? What kind of activities do you do in your spare time?  Are you single?  Where do you shop at and what influences your shopping behavior?  These are all questions an image consultant, personal shopper, personal stylist or fashion consultant should ask during your consultation.  This helps the fashion and image consultant to create a personal brand that suits your lifestyle and personality.  These questions along with several others will in turn provide your personal shopper with enough background information to create a personal style that is comfortable and easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe and lifestyle.

For nearly 14 years I have been a part of the fashion design, fashion styling and textile design business. After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Textile Design from the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, I became a designer for many private label collections that include: Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales and Macy’s. I designed textiles for Aeropostale and cold weather accessories for the largest manufacturer in Europe.  As a fashion stylist, I designed compositions for many fashion magazines and am able to style or create any type of mood or look.  Being an image consultant requires experience in fashion, fabrics, textiles and colors.  Every fashion consultant and personal shopper should know how fabrics fit and what types of garments are best suited for your body structure.  Having an extensive background in the fashion business is mandatory in order to provide these types of image management services.

Specializing in fashion consulting as a contributing expert to My Image Expert, an image consulting company with offices in most U.S cities; I know how to create an image and brand for clients that need to re-invent their appearance or those that simply want to upgrade the way they look.  Working with an image consultant will enable you to put your best foot forward and create a powerful personal or professional appearance that will allow others to regard you in a favorable way.  A personal shopper will teach you how to create an appearance that matches all of the details of your life while a personal stylist will style outfits for you that flatter your physique and downplay certain problem areas.  Seeking the help of a fashion consultant is a positive decision that in turn will change your life!

An image consultant or fashion consultant will teach you about what colors best suit your skin tone, what hairstyle flatters your facial features, what fabrics frame your shape, what styles compliment your body structure, what clothing combinations  flatter your weight placement, and what stores/brands are best suited for your body.   These details are important when focusing on your appearance and ultimately contribute to the way you feel and act.  When your dress appropriate and look your very best, it is easy to feel confident.  Your body language and attitude instantly change allowing you to step outside your comfort box.  An image consultant will push you outside your comfort box but not to the point of looking and feeling awkward.

Image consultants also work with corporations and small business to ensure that their brand identity has a unified front.  An image consultant can work with individual employees to create an appearance that matches the brand identity.  Many fashion consultants and image consultants work with colleges and universities as well to help students understand the importance of their appearance.  This is helpful when students graduate and begin to look for a job.  When you interview, it is important to look professional but you also want to be remembered.  A personal stylist or personal shopper will show you how to make a lasting impression and create a personal appearance that can easily be translated into favorable character traits.

My Image Expert has a variety of clientele, but the common denominator is that each client wants to create a powerful personal and/or professional appearance.  The image consultants, personal shoppers, fashion stylists and personal stylists at My Image Expert are experienced and knowledgeable.   Each session includes an image consultation, color analysis, body structure analysis and hair style recommendations.  This is included in the hourly fee that the image consultant charges.  The personal shopper will also take photos all the outfits created for you so that you have a personal catalogue of all your different looks.  This will help several weeks after services have been rendered when you forget how everything was styled together.  This also helps if you are traveling wand wondering how to pack efficiently.

There are many advantages to working with an image consultant, personal stylist or personal shopper.  If you have questions about the process or have difficulty locating a company that best matches your personality and lifestyle, feel free to call My Image Expert for a complimentary phone consultation with one  of their fashion consultants or image consultants.  They will answer any questions you may have about the personal shopping and personal styling experience along with the details that are included in the image consultation.  My Image Expert will also help you find another image consulting company if you decide to go in another direction.  

Either way, My Image Expert is the leading fashion consulting in the US that provides unique, informative and personalized services that include the following: image consultation, personal shopping service, personal styling service, color analysis, male makeovers, female makeovers, wardrobe evaluation,  corporate image consulting, seminars and shopping trips.  They also style catalogues, photo shoots and weddings parties.  My Image Expert's image consultants can also make custom clothing.  If you are a unique size or have a design in mind, their fashion experts can bring your idea to life.  

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