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Image Consultants Fashion Guide to Spring 2013

By: New York Image Consultant Aliza Rath

To survive is to evolve and change with the times. Your image speaks volumes about your capabilities and clothing represents your most powerful asset.  The clothes you wear represent an unspoken truth about who you are and what you stand for.  Your image should remain relevant and timeless in order to convey a powerful personal or professional appearance.  Fashion is forever changing, so it is important to recognize the trends and translate them into practical everyday style solutions.  In order to do so, one must be willing to constantly re-invent yourself and clarify your personal style and branding.  A New york wardrobe consultant can also help you develop a powerful personal and professional appearance.

In order to translate trends into practical style solutions, it is important to take a look at the garments and the philosophy behind the brand.  Finding a brand that best suits your personality and body structure is a lot harder than it seems. That being said, My Image Expert helps individuals create personal style through a functional wardrobe that flatters your figure and lifestyle.  So let's zoom out and take a look at some of the fashion trends and the philosophies behind them for 2013.

The designers for Spring 2013 brought out what they thought would be a great way to reinvent and evolve the new woman. Each season the designer has a common goal, to make their woman feel beautiful, but this season designers far exceeded her expectations by giving the woman a new attitude and release on life. She is not only wearing clothes that hug her curves, but feed her successful appetite and hot after hour life. My Image Expert believes women should shop for their personality and not necessarily for trends. Luckily this season, the designers saw that women should not be defined by the times but where she sees herself in ten years. The clothes are designed for now and later, the looks are classic, sexy and strong. How can any woman say no to that!

Pretty Woman with head turning curves
Designers have embraced the woman's curvy figure this season. In the spring you will see more dresses, skirts and pants that accentuate the female curves. This fitted trend is beautiful on woman with an hourglass or curvy figure. The hourglass figure is the most aspiring figure to have so when wearing form fitting clothes make sure that you're doing your body right in all of those tight places. Fit is very important when wearing formed clothing. If you have additional curves or extra weight in the lower portion of your body, try adding a simple blazer to minimize an exaggerated outline in the hip area.  Boy friend blazers are great for women with larger hips because the length extends past the hip area and it camouflages any problem areas.   If you are a ruler just straight up and down you can use this trend to your advantage as well.  Fitted clothing with color blocks works to give the illusion of curves in areas that are lacking definition.  Be sure to read more about our tips on how to look slimmer for the warmer months. Either way, when wearing fitted dresses or skirts always avoid thin fabrics because they look cheap.  Thinner fabrics will not last very long and lack abrasion which will ultimately leave them stretched out and rugged.

Get it straight: She Wears the Pants
Straight leg pants are going to be a huge hit this season. Last spring and summer the harem pant came back but this spring designers have elongated the pant and also widened it from the hip down. This look is extremely fashion forward but can be worn to work or out with friends. The oversized dress pant would be great with a structured blazer or even with a crisp white shirt, suede pumps and pearls. Suddenly your look is timeless and sexy. If you want to wear your straight leg pants as an evening try pairing it with a printed camisole, shrug and a pair of short gloves and ballet flats. Straight leg pants look great on all body types. They can be used on a ruler to add curves and shape, while a pear or apple shape can use this trend to camouflage their waist and hips.  

Tribal Style Print Trends
The prints for spring seem to be bold, rich and tribal like. Bold prints are a great stand alone piece or fabulous with a neutral bottom. Prints can be overwhelming if they are too big or bold.  Be careful with prints and make sure that they don't wear you! The print if in a top or jacket looks beautiful all on its own so try not to cause a lot of commotion around it. Don't over accessorize your prints; keep everything else simple and sweet.  Be sure to let the pattern speak for itself. Prints can be an easy "oh no she didn't "fashion moment if you don't know which will work for you. An image consultant can help you decide what print works based on color, shape and size. When choosing a print make sure you are picking one that is proportional to your body type. If you are petite and tiny then do not put on a large print. This will make you appear bigger and wider when actually your body type is just the opposite. When used properly, prints are also a great way to hide any imperfections.

Den Mother: Leader of the pack
The "den mother" trend is more of a feeling that your clothes create. The look is strong, dominant and in charge. It says I take my life seriously and but not enough to not wear this fabulous suit. The look is masculine with extremely feminine details like bright colors, hats, gloves, glasses, and scarves. Designers enjoy celebrating powerful woman with great clothes. Feeling powerful and in control is something we all aspire to be. The den mother trend is great on the feminine figure like the hourglass. The look can be masculine so an hourglass can soften the look with her curves.  The den mother is somewhat of a power player. Her outfit is simple and classic like a pair of black trouser pants and a silk white top. The focus of this trend is just one or oversized accessories, like a hat and glasses.

Fun Fashion Colors
Bright colors are a great way to liven up your wardrobe after a dull winter. This spring colors like fuschia, lime, purple, green, cobalt blue, orange, and lemon will be in every store window so make sure to wear your sunglasses. Bright colors work for most complexions, but a common rule is light colors for darker skin and darker colors for light skin. The idea behind wearing bright colors is to try and contrast them with your skin type and match with one another. For example, you can pair contrasting brights together like yellow and purple. They both are strong colors but the dark tones are a great way to hide flaws while the light colors are good to brighten up your face.  An image consultant can teach you about the secrets of how to layer colors, fabrics and create an effortless look that incorporates analogous and complementing colors. Whether you are tall or short, you can work with what you have and perfect your wardrobe by understanding how to dress. If you are a petite and want to dress in bright colors this spring try the same color but different tone. For example, if you are looking to wear your olive silk skirt, pair it with a lime green top. This way the colors are still in the same family (analogous) but will compress your body by making you appear shorter.

Long and Longer
The long and longer trend is very popular this spring 2013. Long feminine skirts are huge as well as long dresses. Usually long means dressy, but casual is the new word for this elegant trend. Longer styles are great on tall women and medium height women.  If are shorter than 5'6 than avoid this trend and stick to garments that end just above your knee cap. You can wear your long skirt to the office and take it out after work. If the skirt is a solid pair it with a printed top and blazer to make it work appropriate. If you are in search for a printed skirt, you will be sure to find plenty of them. Floral, stripes and everything nice, printed bottoms can be tricky. They can either work well or consume. Be careful when choosing a pattern for the bottom half of you. Make sure it is proportional to your body. A big print will make you look bigger because that is what people are focusing on. Also if you are wearing a print on the bottom, let your top be subtle in design and color.

Nude is In - not literally
Nude is the new black. Thankfully, the tone works for every skin color.  If you are pale skinned, cool nudes like stone ground will be best for you. If you have darker skin, warm nudes like camel will make your skin look amazing. It is a great shade that goes with everything. If you are wearing a kelly green pant, pair it with a nude top to balance out your look. Or you can make the nude trend stand alone. A nude chiffon dress would be fun with a black leather motorcycle jacket, black sling back pumps. It gives the look more interest and the contrast of the black will bring attention to your face. 

Knowing how to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe will help you stay current with the times. Choosing trends that work best for you is better than doing them all at once. It is especially important to focus on one or two trends at a time but no more than that. Better to let your clothes speak to your true self, while still having a little bit of fun!