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How to Master the Art of Layering

By: Aliza Rath - Fall Fashion and the Art of Layering

Fall is a fabulous time of year for fashion. The fabric and color options are rich, luxurious and so much fun to layer. When the temperature drops, layering is the best way to stay warm. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean throw on everything wool and call it fashionable, no. There is an art to layering. An image consultant teaches individuals how to master the art of layering. By teaching you about your body structure, you will learn which fabrics and styles are appropriate for your shape. By analyzing your body structure, an image consultant will provide you the knowledge of fabric characteristics and styles that work best for your body because the wrong combination of body structure, style and fabric can be fatal. Layering clothing is very significant this season. It has put a perpetual hold on whether it makes sense to put ALL of the summer clothing away due to the idea of reusing it this winter.

My Image Expert provides a wardrobe analysis service that can help you determine what is reusable and what is not. In the wardrobe analysis, you will also learn what pieces can translate from season to season. This will help you keep your closet fresh and classic. Also, layering is causing an overflow of interests on really how to do it. As an Image Consultant and as part of My Image Expert’s services, the goal is to teach you how to maintain three objectives when layering which include: femininity, shape, and color coordination. By being conscious of these three terms, you can conquer winter in a successful way. Without understanding this, layering can be a catastrophe adding bulk and looking sloppy. To avoid this mishap, an image consultant can also teach you how to recognize the following: fabric details, fiber content, style elements, color combinations and how it works with certain body types. Below are the most popular fall fabrics: tweed, plaid, sweater knits, cashmere and silk.








Used for outdoor activities ie. Hunting, shooting by the Irish

Medium to heavy weight

Fabrics like silk, metallic tops or chiffon to make more feminine

All body shapes
Top or bottom

Tartan or Plaid
Brushed cotton or wool

Scotts wore them to distinguish from what clan they were in

Light to heavy weight

Pick a neutral color, like, black, grey, navy to balance out the plaid

Most body shapes *avoid large plaid on a large area of body

Sweater Knit
Wool or cotton

Irish fisherman wore wool knitted sweaters to keep warm on the water

Light to heavy weight

Pair with a dark denim if a light color or if it is a dress belt it with fun tights and lace up flat boots

Most body shapes *chunky knits are best on smaller frames


First named pashm for the handmade scarves from Kashmir, India


Beautiful with tweeds or plaids as well as denim

All body types

Firstly, tweed is a heavier fabric which is why it is so popular in the winter months. This fabric can be perceived as more masculine so neutralize the look by adding softer fabrics. Try a great tweed skirt with a feminine top to give balance to the look. If you are wearing your favorite dark denim jeans with riding boots, a structured tweed jacket is classic. Underneath the jacket, try a floral chiffon top. If the top is too thin layer with a nude camisole. A bold colored scarf would also add interest to the outfit. Plaids have been popular for the last couple of season in both the spring and fall fashion lines. Not everyone likes them because they can look careless and seem to be more for the weekend. A great way to make your plaid work for the office is to pair it with a fitted tweed vest and a neutral colored pencil skirt. A translucent tight and matching pump would be acceptable for work.

An image consultant can teach you how to combine pieces for the office and for the weekend. This will not only help you get more usage out of your purchases but also feel confident in your choices. Sweater knits can be deceptive. On the hanger it may look great but, but please try it on first. For those with a more athletic build, avoid a larger knit. This just adds more bulk without flattering the body. Sweater dresses are very popular this season and they are great for layering. Try it over jeggings with knee high boots. For a night out, pair a sweater dress with textured tights and lace up oxfords. Cashmere is the softest wool and most luxurious. Not only is it warm fabric but lightweight so it can be layered it with almost anything and it will not add bulk. Silk is another lightweight fabric that gives richness to a look. For example, a boring black pinstripe pant can be brought to life with a pink silk cap sleeve v neck top. Pair this look with a gray wrap sweater and a fun cloche hat and you are all set.

Shopping for accessories requires a keen eye as color and style are key. A personal shopper will help you identify with great accessories that will match your garments and spice up your wardrobe combinations and personal style. Certain accessories can take your look from day to night or work to play. A personal shopper can help you decided what to wear with day looks and then how to upgrade them into the evening. Layering accessories may be all you need to update your look. This season hats, scarves and gloves are more interesting than the last. Cloche hats look beautiful if your style is vintage. Floppy fedoras are perfect for you bohemian ladies, and how can you say no to the all around grandma knitted hats. They are popping up all over and can be modernized with a bomber jacket, a cashmere sweater and a boot cut jean. Scarves for the winter are simply the best. Infinity scarves are perfect for a smaller build, while thin fabric scarves work wonders for taller women. Gloves are getting funky too some are fingerless, some are fur, some are knit. Depending on the event, let your gloves speak to where you are taking them.

Color and patterns are being mixed and matched in this layering trend. Stripes can be put together with floral and even plaids with floral. When wearing your wool black, white and grey plaid skirt, you can wear either a solid color shirt or print that has two of those colors in it. There needs to be a connection between the two items. Shades of color are also being layered. So if you are wearing a black pant with a white collared shirt, put it with grey button down vest and a dark grey button down sweater over that. Brown tweeds look great with orange, yellow, and green and black tweeds look beautiful with blues, purples and reds. Layering patterns can be tricky as it relates to scale and color. Learn how to train your eyes in order to recognize what patterns can be mixed and matched. An image consultant will help you understand the dynamics of patterns and prints. This is key when combining large scale prints with stripes or other patterns.

My Image Expert is here to teach you how to layer your body type through color analysis, body structure and fabric choice. Our services expand from wardrobe analysis, personal shopping and custom clothing, to help you perfect the layering trend and most importantly be confident with yourself and your image. Your image is the first thing that speaks before you do, so with the help of an image consultant you can perfect your voice through your look and how you present yourself to the world.

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