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How to find the Perfect Little Black Dress
 The Perfect LBD

Every woman needs a perfect little black dress. Whether it’s for date night, a holiday party or a night out with friends, the LBD can be taken all over town. Not only is the LBD a wardrobe “must have”, but it is every woman’s saving grace to her having a meltdown when she cannot decide what to wear. The whole idea behind this dress is to make you feel confident and look absolutely amazing.  My Image Expert’s image consultants and personal stylists believe that every wardrobe should be equipped with clothing that enhances your appearance and leaves you feeling confident.  The LBD should be the perfect addition to your wardrobe while being authentic, and appropriate for the occasion at hand! If you need help find a little black dress that flatters your body structure, our image consultants can show you what style best suits your needs and image.

That being said, our New York image consultant, Aliza has provided several guidelines to follow that will help you to help select the perfect LBD.  There are three things that make the little black dress perfect: fit, style and shape.  The combination of these three things can make a woman have her movie star moment. Our image consultants will teach you how these three things affect your clothing choices in regards to your individual body shape.   For now, let’s focus on taking your LBD to the next level. Depending whether you are a Ruler, Apple, Pear or Hourglass shape there is a perfect dress out there for you that we at My Image Expert can help you find. Depending on the event, your LBD can speak softly or in volume with accessories.
With the help of a personal stylist or image consultant, finding the perfect LBD for your body is easy. A Ruler is typical of being straight up and down and having somewhat of a boyish figure. To enhance your figure and make your body look more feminine, you will need to create the illusion of curves. A great LBD style for a Ruler is the sheath dress. Select a black sheath dress with a textured fabric.  This style dress hugs your body giving the illusion of curves. Avoid any detail around the waist such as a belt.  This will only emphasize your narrow proportions.  Adding a skinny belt around the hip bone area will elongate your torso by creating the illusion of a drop waist. This will also trick the eye and add curves to the hip area! The length of the dress should come about two inches below the knee cap if you are 5’6 or taller.   If you are 5’5 or shorter, the length should be 2” above the knee cap. If the dress is too long it will swallow and shorten the body which you never want to do when you carry a petite height. Tights are perfectly acceptable for the day with a flat riding boot and for night - a sheer black tight is classic with a great pump.

The Apple shaped figure is usually fuller in the mid section area and smaller from the hips down. The best way to minimize the upper body is with the proper neckline like a v-neck to draw attention away from the midsection to the face.  Adding a fitted black blazer will also help to camouflage extra weight and softens your midsection. You can also wear a wrap style dress that has a lot of movement and provides an A-line bottom.  An A-line bottom will help balance your proportions and elongate your lower body. Wrap dresses look great with knee high boots for a day look and a classic pump with a cone shaped heel for the evening.

The Pear shape woman is opposite of the Apple, smaller on top and larger on the bottom. The idea is exactly the same but instead you want to minimize the lower proportions of your body and accentuate the neck, bust or midsection. The best thing to wear to make the body proportions even is an asymmetrical style or a strapless one sleeve dress (asymmetrical).  You can also wear a crew neck style with a high belt in the waist.  An asymmetrical style is a fun option because it draws attention to your great shoulders and chest while downplaying larger hips.  A crew neck style will allow you to add chunky jewelry around the neck to draw attention to the face and chest.  To spice up your look, add a printed or colorful pump. 

The Hourglass figure is the most aspiring body shape because the shoulders and hips are even while the waist is relatively smaller.  Since you can pull off most styles, it is important to consider the bust size for dress selection. For larger busts (above a C cup) you are better off wearing a V-neck style.  For a B cup, consider a strapless style.  For smaller busts, a crew neck is the best neckline for your dress style. The LBD is a blank slate, so when you are accessorizing pick colors that will work best with you and your skin tone. An Image Consultant will help you discover your two top colors.  This plays an important role in the accessories selection because necklaces are the closest thing to your face.

Our New York image consultant, Aliza believes that the LBD is a staple in every woman’s closet. An image consultant can come into your home and do a wardrobe analysis to see what you should keep and audit your garments based on cut, color and style. This will help you reuse pieces you still love and get rid of those you don’t wear anymore.  Many women have several black dresses in their wardrobe.  These may not be the best styles for you especially if they were bought out of convenience.  A personal shopper is another great way to teach you how to shop for your body type. We will train your eye and teach you shopping techniques to best flatter you. An Image Consultant or personal shopper will also teach you how to determine what will be good for you based on the garments shape and color. My Image Expert offers a Color Analysis based on your skin tone and hair color to help you shop for fabrics and styles best to fit you. Our image experts offer Make-over packages that will teach you how to apply make up properly and why certain colors work on your face and with your outfits. My Image Expert can help you dress for your success and take your wardrobe and LBD to the next level!

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