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7 Tips for a Slimming Summer Wardrobe!

It is that time of year again, and we all know what that means; We want to look as slim as possible. We have watched what we put into our mouthes calorie by calorie, and put in that extra time at the gym on the thigh blaster, but are we watching what we put on our bodies? So many people forget the importance of choosing the right clothing for their body type and this can make all of our other efforts appear wasted. Therefore, we put together a list of 7 tips for a slimming summer wardrobe.

1.    First things first, the base of our foundation, are proper fitting undergarments. Ill fitted undergarments can tragically change the look of a top or a pair of pants. We always want to make sure we have on properly fitted bras and underwear. The result of doing so leads to a smoothing and slimming affect. Also, the proper shape wear, such as a girdle, bust-less slip, or spanx, can help take off 5- 10 pounds in appearance by cinching you in at the waist and smoothing out all those pesky bumps we wish would just go away. Heavier busted women should make sure their bras give them the support they need and smooth them out in all the right places. A bra that does not fit well will created extra lumps and bumps. As we can see, having a group of great fitting undergarments is key to getting us started on our way to achieving that slim summer look.

2.    FIT: Now that we have the right base, we need to make sure that we have the right FIT. Proper fit of a garment is key in achieving a slim and flawless look and there are several things to take into account when choosing the right garment. Are your jeans too long? Even if only by an inch, this can change the whole look of your outfit. Instead, take your jeans to your local tailor and hem them to the right length. The same rule can be applied to tops and jackets. If the sleeves are too long, have them hemmed to an appropriate length so you aren’t walking around with hidden hands. Lastly, if things just do not fit, get rid of them! This means, just because we are able to squeeze into those jeans from 3 summers ago does not mean they “fit”. Chances are they are flattening out your seat and because they are too tight, you are getting pulls and creases in the fabric, which is never flattering. The same goes for things that are too big on us. Just because it stays on our body does not mean we should walk out of the house in it. Pants that are too big tend to cause the infamous “saggy bottom not to mention, it will make us look bigger than we really are. The same can be said for tops as well. Pairing the perfectly fitted pant and top together will make all the difference in how your body appears

3.    Colors: Choosing the right color is more important than one might think. Wearing the wrong colors will make your skin appear dull and lifeless which will add weight to the face.  The wrong usage of Color can also add weight to our figure. We all know wearing darker colors can give us a slimmer appearance, but since its summer, we probably do not want to wear dark colors every day. The trick is to wear outfits of all the same color so that way we achieve that slimming look. However, if you want to add in a contrasting color, place the darkest color where you are heaviest. For example, top heavy women should place their lighter garment on the bottom half and wear the darker garment on top. Women, who are bottom heavy, should wear the darker garment on bottom and the lighter on top. This way you balance everything out and compliment your best features. 

4.    Slimming the hips: Finding the right pair of pants for our body type is key and crucial to complimenting our figure. Women who are curvier should wear boot cut jeans, so that they are showing off their hour glass figure at the hips and thighs.  This helps tp balance the figure and the length of their leg with the flare of the boot cut shape. Also, curvier women should wear Bermuda or Cigarette shorts and pencil skirts. This also enables them to show off those deadly curves, but not add any volume to their figure.

5.    Slimming the bust line: When you wear a printed blouse it helps to slim down the bust line. Using prints draws our attention to the top and away from the body. However, you have to watch the scale of the print so that we are not creating the opposite effect. Bustier women should make sure to choose prints that are a smaller scale. This is to ensure that a large scale print does not add size to our figure. Women that are top heavy should also make sure that they are choosing the proper necklines and sleeves. For example, she should choose a top that has a v-neck, wide, or scoop neckline. A wider neckline makes the upper body appear slimmer. This should be a top heavy woman's’ mantra for the summer! Sleeve choice is also very important. Sleeveless tops should be avoided by women who are bustier. Instead, choose a cap sleep, short sleeve or even a 3 quarter sleeve so that you can compliment your silhouette.

6.    Slimming the mid section: People who are heavier in the middle are able use different things to slim this section of the body. Vertical lines can be used to lengthen the torso, and also draw the eye away from any width in the midsection. Cinching and gathering in a top are also great things to use to our advantage. Gathering in a shirt generally directs our eyes inward and also gives the mid section and automatic natural waistline. Color blocking is another good option. Wearing a top that has colors and patterns in the waist area naturally cinches in our mid section giving us the appearance of a smaller waistline.

7.    Balance: Balance is key!  Women, who are smaller on top and curvier on bottom, should wear tops that give them a little more volume in order to add balance to their bottom half. So for women who are larger on top and smaller on bottom, they should wear bottoms that give them a little extra volume so that they are proportionate to their top. For example, pairing a wide legged slack with a  v-neck top will give a woman the balance her body type requires.

There are alternate ways to slim your figure or at least give the illusion of a slimmer shape.  Hopefully these 7 easy tricks are beneficial in helping to give us that slimming summer wardrobe we are all in search for.


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