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How a Wardrobe Consultant can Improve Your Appearance

Personal Image and Appearance is a large part of your personal brand and often regarded as a means and of communication and presentation skills.  When in public, you represent your personal brand; this can be a means of professional or personal representation.  Your personal appearance is what the other person or audience sees before you have time to open your mouth and say anything at all. It is within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone that certain assumptions; both consciously and subconsciously, have been made.  This is why first impressions are a crucial element when representing your personal brand. First impressions are very important - they are all about attitude as well as dress.
People quickly make assumptions about you based on your facial expressions, your wardrobe, your grooming and your body language which all create a strong visual impact and is equally important as verbal impact.

A New York wardrobe consultant or New York style consultant is a professional hired to advice on one’s public presentation, personal wardrobe, style and personal appearance. A wardrobe consultant helps you decide what sort of external image is appropriate to your lifestyle and personality. In many cases, a wardrobe consultant or style consultant can prepare a professional image that creates a unified front to the company you work for.  A wardrobe consultant also helps corporations develop a unified front between their employees and their professional image.

In some circumstances, the company you work for may be comfortable for people to be casually dressed, whilst others may expect smarter and business profile attire.  It is important to be suitably dressed within expected limits.  The company you work for does not expect you to be packaged into something you are not or appear like you are trying to hard thus resulting in an uncomfortable personal image, but your appearance is a reflection of your own self-esteem.  A New York wardrobe consultant or New York style consultant helps you to present yourself your best possible features and so that you can use them to your advantage. 

Appropriate grooming and a strong appearance are preferable, whether casually or more formally dressed.  A wardrobe consultant will teach you about what grooming habits are best suited for your facial features and make recommendations about what things you can do to improve your grooming habits.  Whilst you might be casually dressed when going to work, a business professional approach may be preferable when representing your company at an external meeting or event.  Good grooming and a tidy appearance is mandatory when using your professional image to externally represent the company or organization you work for, whether casually or formally dressed.  A wardrobe consultant or style consultant will create a professional appearance for you that are suitable for all professional or casual occasions.  You will never have to worry about what to wear or if you have something to wear.  You will never spend endless hours in your wardrobe deciding what to wear.

One should always dress well, a touch above what is considered the norm.  It is always better to be overdressed in a situation than underdressed.  This will affect you confidence and body language.  Observe what the standard dress code is in your workplace, then strive to dress better than that. Not enough so that you stick out, but enough so that you look put together, organized and confident compared to the rest of the crowd. A wardrobe consultant can teach you how to take causal to a different level. If everyone in your office or social settings wears t-shirts and jeans, wear dark denim (dressier) and a casual button down shirt. If everyone wears dress shirts and Dockers, our wardrobe consultant’s recommend taking the next step and wear a tie on occasion or a sports jacket.

People draw a number of conclusions based on your appearance – so take it seriously and leave little room to misrepresent yourself.  Ultimately, a wardrobe consultant or style consultant provides individual and corporate services through workshops, seminars, consultations, image management services, group presentations, and “one on one” training.   These services are intended to enhance your personal image by improving your appearance, attitude, communication, social etiquette, and business etiquette. Essentially, a wardrobe consultant’s job is to help individuals make a lasting impression on others.  This in turn will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Everyone has different goals.  These goals may include making a good impression, getting a new job, a promotion, or simply just feeling good about you!

A polished personal appearance is vital to your public persona, workplace and to your self-image. Many people strive to wear designer clothes and cringe at the thought of having to wear the same outfits over and over again.  Most people actually only wear 15% of their existing wardrobe awhile the remainder of items just sit in their closet.  A New York wardrobe consultant or personal style consultant will show you how to utilize all of the items of your closet so have limitless options when it comes to wardrobe selection. Plus, a well-dressed generally provides a polished personal appearance when in public.  Others will have a higher opinion of you and you’ll subtly find yourself in better situations.  If you’re not sure how to improve your personal style or personal appearance, a wardrobe consultant will teach how to look and feel amazing!

If you are looking to hire a New York wardrobe consultant or have decided that you want to utilize the services provide by a personal style consultant you should look for specific qualifications in regards to their educational background.
Degree in a Fashion Related Field – Specialized Universities partner with technical colleges in order to provide full curriculums and resources for fashion professional.  These curriculums include fashion design, textile design, fashion merchandising and fabric styling.  These programs teach individuals about design, garment construction,  fabric styling, textiles, color matching and other fields of study that are related to the fashion industry. 

If you are seeking the help of a New York wardrobe consultant or New York personal style consultant, be sure that have experience and several clients. There is nothing worse than getting bad advice from an someone who claims to be an expert.  Your wardrobe consultant should be mastered in the following fields:  style, beauty, communication, and etiquette.  In conclusion, a wardrobe consultant or personal style consultant evaluates your overall appearance, attitude, personality, lifestyle, and social activities to help individuals make a lasting impression on others. Your personal appearance is your visual aspect with regards to personal cleanness and neatness of clothing. If you are looking to hire a personal style consultant or wardrobe consultant, be sure to find a professional who can advance your image and teach you how to maintain it along the way!

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