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Who Needs An Image Consultant?

An image Consultant helps people identify their style in order to look and feel their absolute best. An image consultant will help you project a positive image by taking the following things into account:

  1.   Lifestyle
  2.  Body structure
  3.  Personality
  4.  Social Activities
  5.  Career
  6.  Budget


Your overall image is about self confidence, individuality, body language and appearance. An image consultant teaches you how to perfect your appearance and show individuality through the expression of style.   Regularly, an image consultant’s role includes understanding that every body structure is unique and distinct in a different way.  They show you how to accent your best features while downplaying unflattering areas to create a unified and balance look. The main objective of an image consultant is to teach you about what fabrics, styles, textures and colors are favorable for your individual characteristics including: body structure, skin tones, and facial features.


Your image is an important aspect of everyday life and activities. In all honesty, first impressions are heavily weighed on appearance whether you admit it or not.  When you meet someone for the first time, you have literary 5 seconds to deliver a clear and precise presentation of yourself.  The fashion choices you make will certainly influence the message you send to other people.  Self confidence will naturally contribute to favorable results and outcomes when you look and feel outstanding.  If you dress for success, nothing can stop you from drawing the attention of the people around you. Everyone can agree that life is full of opportunities and you may never know when one is coming your way.  An image consultant can help you establish a personal style that will compliment your way of life. Let’s face it, the way you present yourself will either make or break you!


An image consultant has a selective eye for clothing, patterns, textiles and style. Do you hate shopping?  Well if you answered yes, an image consultant will take you shopping to help you update your social and professional image. When it is all said and done, you may find you enjoy shopping for clothes again. Knowing what colors work best for your skin tone, and what styles flatter your body type, will make shopping for new garments a fun task.  A fashion consultant will select the appropriate stores and designers suitable for your lifestyle.  In order to ensure your time is spent efficiently, they pull garments and set everything up ahead of time.  Familiar with most brands and retail stores, an experienced image consultant will know how to match clothing to your body structure and personality. You just need to be willing to step outside of your comfort box!  Are you confused about what kinds of clothes to wear? Do you second guess appropriate clothing options when you are shopping? If yes, you should seek the help of an image consultant.  These experts take the guess work out of getting dressed.  This helps you to better understand and manage your wardrobe efficiently.  Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear? An image consultant can work with your current wardrobe to maximize the time and money you have already invested into your wardrobe.  They will audit your closet and discard unflattering items and accessories so you know what not to wear.  You are then left with a functioning wardrobe that the image consultant can use to create new outfits. 


Regardless of size, age, shape and sex, everyone deserves to look their best. An image consultant is the perfect accessory to have in your life. You may not have the time to go shopping or put together outfits. Within just a few days, an image consultant can help you acquire the tools you need to project a positive appearance. You don’t have to compromise your style be being comfortable or casual. Many people stand out in this world but very few make a lasting impression.


Your image is what speaks volumes when no words are being said.  Your appearance and fashion choices will communicate a language all on its own.  Whether it is a celebrity, an interviewee, a public servant, a business entity, a mother, or a CEO, you send a message to your audience whether it is intentional or not. Realistically speaking, someone is always watching. Your appearance is an outward projection of your character. Looking great is not about the perfect body or perfect face when it comes to personal style.   It is contributed to confidence.  In conclusion, your image communicates a nonverbal statement about the kind of person you are.  Some of the most powerful icons are individuals that have created a signature style. 


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