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10 Timeless and Classic "Must Have" Items for Fall

Fashion trends change every season year after year.  Keeping up with the latest look or style will easily exhaust your bank account. Trendy garments do not provide a long life-line and need to be replenished from season to season as they go in and out of style.  Personal stylists and personal shoppers usually pick the latest trends for celebrities before they are available in stores.  This helps the celebrity maintain their icon status and trend setting image.  You don't have to be a celebrity or socialite to have a fashion consultant, image consultant, personal stylist or personal shopper help you develop a signature style.  While most celebrities or socialites have an endless shopping budget, not everyone can afford a trendy wardrobe that must be replenished every 3 months. So unless you have an A-list bank account; leave the trendy styles alone and define your individual style with timeless and classic fashionable items.
Timeless and classic fashion items cannot be measured by time.  They are restricted to no specific trend or age category and considered valid garments that serve as a standard of excellence and great taste.  An image consultant, personal stylist and personal shoppers can construct an entire wardrobe around timeless and classic fashion items.  This helps individuals maximize their wardrobe to ensure a long life-span.  Timeless and classic fashion items never go out of style yet always remain in style.  It is important to recognize these items so you can incorporate them into your fall wardrobe.  An image consultant can show you how to find classic styles best suited for your body structure while a personal shopper will introduce you to the stores and brands that make such items available.  In the meantime, our fashion consultants have compiled 10 timeless and classic fall fashion items that every women needs to have in her wardrobe.

  1. Hats:  A simple stylish hat can change the look of any outfit.  This accessory can add color and personality to your wardrobe with very little effort.  Just be sure to select a hat style that is timeless and classic like a beret, fedora, newsboy or knit cap.The Beret: Find an updated soft round style made of wool or cashmere with a flat crown. This style usually looks best on women with hair that extends past their ears. To add some extra color to your neutral or black fall wardrobe select a dark purple, burgundy, or midnight blue beret.  Our fashion consultants suggest matching your beret with your fall or winter coat.  If you have a long cashmere or wool coat in a solid color try a subtle patterned beret like a plaid or check.  If you’re feeling political, you can wear a maroon beret which represents the elite military units of the German KSK and the Danish Special Forces, or green which can be associated with the French Military and US Special Forces.  Either way, the history of the beret dates back to the middle ages and is still a fashion savvy accessory today.  It has been updated to accommodate more luxurious fabrics and silhouettes but the style has remained relatively flawless!  The Fedora: Wikipedia defines the fedora as a hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown but pinched on the left and right side.  The brim goes all the way around and it is usually complimented by a hat band.  The Fedora hat became a fashionable accessory in the mid 1900’s.  Today it is considered a timeless and classic item that has held up against the test of time.  A fedora hat is perfect for every season and occasion.  In the summer, people can be seen wearing woven canvas fedoras to compliment their swimsuit, outfit or evening attire.  Fedora hats for fall and winter are usually made of suede or leather with a complimenting or contrasting band around the brim.  It can be worn with casual outfits or as an accessory for dressier garments. Our image consultants and personal stylists recommend that you match your hat with your coat or fall boots.  Select a neutral color that match your fall and winter tops or sweater dresses. For a smart look, try a knee length sweater dress, walking boots, fedora hat (to match boots), and a belt that matches the band color in the hat. News Boy Hat:  This particular style is relatively casual.  Our image consultants recommend wearing a newsboy hat as an accessory with jeans.  The newsboy cap is a masculine style but compliments most facial features.  If you have a smaller head, this is a great style for you. The distance from the crown to the ear is very short giving it a fitted look.  This style is also usually made out of woven or bonded material which easily looks great with wool or cashmere coats, jackets, blazers, and as I mentioned before… jeans!  It’s a great weekend accessory and can be paired with a scarf over a neutral coat for a clever casual look.  The newsboy style got its name in the late 19th century among young newspaper delivery boys.  It is now a regular accessory in the boating, golfing and fashion community.  For fall, these hats usually come in dark brown, grey, navy and black.  Many styles also include woven patterns with subtle designs.  Our fashion consultants agree; if you have a busy jacket or coat with a lot of details, embellishments or colors, you should avoid this style completely and choose a simple skull cap or knit hat. Knit Hat or Skull Cap:  Often referred to as beanie cap; the skull cap became popular in the 1990’s due to grunge bands and cold weather sports like skiing.  Woven and knitted versions of the Skull Cap hit the fashion scene shortly after making it a timeless and classic cold weather accessory.  This a great hat to compliment longer and shorter style coats.  Our fashion consultants believe if you have a busy coat with a lot of detail you try a solid knitted or cashmere skull cap.  If you have a light coat with fur trim or a “hoodie” then try a knitted version.  Avoid skull caps with bows, flowers, pom poms or any other distracting detail.  These are good for kids and tweens only!  You should always dress age appropriate.  Our fashion consultants also recommend if you buy a hat with a pattern, keep your scarf a similar solid color.  If you choose a hat that is a solid color then you have a little more room to play around with pattern scarves.  All in all, your cold weather accessories should compliment your fall or winter coat.
  2. Fitted Jacket:  Every woman needs a tailored jacket for fall.  Our fashion consultants agree that a tailored jacket is a great way to show off your curves in a sophisticated and classy way.  Make sure your jacket or blazer has darts or princess seams in the midsection; these style details are crucial for a fitted look.  A fitted blazer will also add structure to your frame and create a natural waistline.  It helps to alleviate  bumps or imperfections in the midsection.  Make sure you choose a fabric that's lightweight with good drape ability like a suiting fabric, tweed or baby-rib cord.  Avoid trendy details and embellishments that will date your garment when those details go out of fashion.  A classic fitted blazer will never go out of style and can be worn with a multitude of items in your wardrobe for a casual or professional look.
  3. Black Shirt:  A crisp and fitted black button down blouse or collared shirt is a must have item for fall and winter.  It is a basic item that will be an essential building block for your wardrobe.  Keep it simple but make sure it is fitted.  This item is great for suit separates, fall pants, skirts, jeans, and pretty much anything else.  Find a skinny black patent leather belt to pair with this shirt when it's tucked-in for a career look.  Our fashion consultants can also show you how to take a simple item like a black buttoned down shirt and transform it into many different looks for various occasions. The bottom line is that you if you don’t have one, get one or two that will carry you through winter. 
  4. Black or Midnight Navy Pantsuit:  A pantsuit is a classic item for any working woman.  These suits make for a timeless and professional look appropriate for both the office and after-work hours into the evening.  To transform a pantsuit from office professional into evening after-work hours all you really need it a cute top or cami and a change of shoes.  Usually a silk blouse or slinky shirt will work to replace the suit jacket.  Switch from your classic work pumps in to a sexy stiletto heel and let your hair down.  A solid black or midnight navy pantsuit will work best to match you fall wardrobe.  Our expert fashion consultants agree that you should find a pantsuit in a complimenting fabric that allows for good draping capability.   Avoid bold patterns and tweed suits.  Stick with a wool blend suiting fabric that ranges from 80-120.  If you chose a pinstripe make sure it's subtle but our image consultants recommend a solid color.  You will get more wear out of a solid color then you would with a pattern, even if it's subtle. 
  5. Over-sized Bag:  Every wardrobe needs a timeless and classic hand bag.  For fall, try an over-sized leather handbag in black, dark blue, charcoal grey or chocolate brown.  These colors are more appropriate for fall and winter.  Your bag should match your coat or boots and will be getting a lot of use and abuse.  Your handbag is an accessory that you should spend a little extra money on.  It needs to hold up against the daily grind and still be able to look fashionable.   The over-sized leather handbag can be a logo-style, exotic skin, bold hardware, handmade or a boutique piece.  Just keep your selection lady-like and feminine and avoid trying to make a fashion statement.  An over-sized leather handbag is not an “in today – out tomorrow” item and will be your most reliable accessory for years to come.
  6. The Little Black Dress (LBD):  The LBD serves as a business professional dress, cocktail dress and an evening dress.  It should be a simple style that will be long-lasting, versatile, and affordable.  Our image consultants and fashion consultants all agree that the LBD is an essential item to complete any wardrobe.  Every women should have one that is simple and basic with a feminine silhouette.  This  timeless and classic style was made popular in the 1920’s by Coco Chanel.  Today the LBD is a bare necessity that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  For business wear, it can be worn with a cropped or fitted jacket with a pump heel.  Avoid anything with trendy detail and keep it as simple as possible so it has a long life line.
  7. Pencil Skirt:  The pencil skirt, like the rest of these items, is a flattering, classic and versatile item.  With a narrow and straight silhouette, a pencil skirt should fall just below the knees.  It is a simple and basic style that can be paired with just about any top. Your pencil skirt should be tailored for an excellent fit in order to make the lower body appear long and lean.  It is a classic fashion piece that every women should have in her wardrobe.  For fall, wear the pencil skirt with opaque tights and a leather boot or pump.  Try a woven tweed or subtle plaid pattern for larger hips.
  8. Sweater Dress: The most comfortable dress for cold weather casual chic is the sweater dress. This piece has become a staple icon for fall and winter.  When choosing a sweater dress style be sure to get the right neckline for your body structure. Avoid trendy styles that will come and go and opt for something more traditional and classic like a cal-neck or turtleneck.  Both of these styles look great with flat walking boots and a long coat.
  9. Boots:  A fall wardrobe without boots with no wardrobe at all.  Boots will go with everything from jeans to dresses.  They are necessity to have in your wardrobe for fall.  For a timeless and classic look, try a knee length walking or riding boot.  Keep the heel below 1 ½” and look for a boot that is black or chocolate brown.  You can tuck your trousers or jeans into boots for a causal daytime look or wear opaque tights with a skirt for work.
  10. Leggings:  Do not mistake leggings for opaque tights.  Tights are translucent and made from nylon lycra.  Leggings are made from Cotton lycra and provide non-translucent covering for the legs.  This traditional and fashionable item has become a staple wardrobe necessity.  Our fashion consultants agree that leggings will allow you to successfully mix and match your tops, dresses, sweaters and coats with little effort.  Leggings are a tight form fitting item that extends to the ankle.  They are great when paired with a long sweater or coat and boots.  Leggings are convenient, versatile, and flattering when paired with the appropriate top.  Make sure you buy black leggings and stay away from light colors.

When shopping for a fall or winter wardrobe be sure to think smart.  Try on clothes that you would not normally try on and push yourself outside your comfort box.  Avoid trendy garments with overwhelming details, ruffles, hardware and bows.  Our image consultants suggest playing around with color and fabrics instead.  If you are unsure of yourself or what looks good on you, then you may want to contact an image consultant in order to learn more about styles for your body structure.  If you haven't already, pull last years cold weather garments form storage.  Check them over for stains and tears.  Make sure you have them cleaned before you decide to wear them.  If your fall wardrobe needs a face-lift, one of our fashion consultants can help you by reviewing your current wardrobe or by providing a wardrobe analysis.  To learn more about our image consulting, fashion consulting, personal shopper, wardrobe analysis and makeover services, please call an image consultant today!

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