Fashion and Beauty Gift Ideas
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Fashion and Beauty Gift Ideas

The best gifts are ones that are customized.

By: Aliza Rath

The countdown begins, just days before Christmas and are you still looking for the perfect gift? Maybe you are celebrating someones Birthday or Anniversary? Either way, the best gifts are usually the ones that make someone feel special. Sometimes a bath set or electronic gadget doesn’t seem to cut it and you want to give a subtle but personalized gift. Does that special person in your life constantly talk about needing a change or yelp about not having any clothes that fit them?  What about a new wardrobe and shopping?  If so, now is a perfect time to celebrate that special someone.  By purchasing hours with an image consulting or a beauty makeover My Image Expert could be the answer to that unique, thoughtful gift you have been searching for? With services that include: image consulting, personal shopping, men’s makeover, women’s makeover, color analysis and custom clothing, My Image Expert image and fashion consulting firm can provide the change your loved one is looking for and make this holiday season extra special.
My Image Expert provides image consulting services that you can customize to make the perfect gift. By providing a complimentary phone consultation we get a better understanding of the client we will be assisting. This allows us to customize each service to the needs of the individual. The image consultant will discuss personal and career goals and lifestyle habits. By getting to know a bit about the client, an Image Consultant can then draw out the new path ahead. Then we can further discuss some of the services that the client would be interested in like The Wardrobe Makeover, a Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping trip, the Make-up Make over, Out of Town package, a Photo Shoot or even Custom Clothing if needed.

The Wardrobe Makeover is a very exciting package. We offer it for both men and women and it is a great gift to give this holiday season. The wardrobe makeover comes with a stylist and personal shopper, a hair and make-up makeover, grooming tips, and lastly a photographer to catch a photo of the final look. This process can be very exciting and emotional at the same time. The shopping trip allows you to learn about your body type and what looks best on you. Shopping on your own can be frustrating because you don’t know what looks good and what doesn’t. Things that are in style may not work for your body type, but an Image Consultant can show you why things work and why they don’t. Also you get to learn about your skin color and the best colors in clothing and make-up that bring out your features. The hair makeover can be the most emotional part whether it is facial or the hair on your head. Hair can be a comfort zone; if it has been a certain way for so long, the change might be something that is absolutely necessary.  Once you embrace that change is healthy and see that it is a good way to discover new things about yourself, you can make the right decision to do something different. Whether you are on a budget or looking to just indulge yourself, My Image Expert will work with your limitations. 

The Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping trip is a very popular service we provide. An image consultant will come to your home and go through your closet to see why you haven’t got a thing to wear. For the most part, you feel you don’t have anything because the clothes are outdated, do not fit properly or just appearing worn and old. An image consultant will go through your closet and decide what can be kept and what should be tossed. Whatever we do toss, we donate to a local organization, and whatever we keep we find a way to fit it in with the new wardrobe. If there are items you just cannot seem to part with but should never actually wear again, MIE can recreate that item into something new. After we have gone through your closet, we create a shopping list of the new items and take you out for a personal shopping trip. On your shopping trip, a personal stylist will help you take what you have and combine it with the new and updated key pieces for your wardrobe. The stylist will train you on your body type and help you look for styles that work best for your figure.

The Make-up Makeover is an hour and a half long session that  discusses the details of your complexion and colors for your skin tone. Also the make-up artist will show you how to apply your own make-up with techniques and colors that fit your facial features. You will be shown both a daytime and evening look that will take you from natural to glamorous in just a few more steps. My Image Expert does make-up for special events, holidays, weddings, and photo shoots. Changing your make-up is a great way to update your look by just updating your colors and techniques.  When you wear make-up the wrong way, it actually works against you.  Instead of accentuating your natural features, make-up and colors worn incorrectly can make you look older, tired and washed out! A Makeup session with My Image Expert is informative, fun and will leave you  knowing how to create the look at home. 
Our Virtual or Out of Town Package is for those not located in the states that MIE services. My Image Expert can provide you with a one on one personal stylist via the web and help you revamp your look. By understanding your personality, lifestyle and goals we can formulate a new wardrobe, hair and make-up makeover by exchanging photos and creating your own personal style guide. This is a great package that will help you rediscover your wardrobe and learn what styles are best suited for your body structure and weight placement.  My Image Expert has hundreds of clients that are located in “out of town cities”.  The services are much of the same but provided a more in depth look at your shopping and wardrobe options

Our Photo Shoot service can be the most fun. We can either have a fashion photographer film the entire process from beginning to end or select a location that shows off your new clothing and outfits combined. This will help you remember what and how to combine your pieces together. Either choice will be a fun way to remember your makeover day and allow you to never forget it! Lastly, My Image Expert offers custom clothing that can help you dress your body to its exact measurements. Whether your 4’9” or 6’9”, E.C. Stitch may be your answer to fit your bodies needs. If you are in need of suits, dresses, skirts or other business suiting, custom clothing maybe what you need to update your look.

My Image Expert believes that no matter what size or shape, we all deserve the right to feel beautiful. By understanding your body and knowing how to dress it will help with expression of your inner beauty and confidence. This could be the perfect gift for someone who feels they have been in a fashion rut or someone recently who had weight changes. Either way all of our packages can be customized to meet your needs and help with the next stage in your life to be memorable and successful. Happy Holidays!

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