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Press : Leggings - fashion craze acceptable?

September 4, 6:31 PM
By Alicia Ficalora

The male gender in all its glory has had an ever-raging hatred to the fashion crusade known as Leggings. Some women don’t seem to care much as they have been sporting this sleek look effortlessly, others can’t be bothered with the look. And designers, well either way they seem to be eating up the profits of it.

Some males hate them so much they actually list them as a “turn-off” on their dating profiles online. One male went as far as making a t-shirt that read: “leggings are NOT pants”.  More often than not those males we love so much are, well dead wrong. And when it comes to fashion…need I say more?

But in this case, does their opinion hold any weight? I asked some experts on the subject and was wildly surprised with their responses. So let’s see how they fair in this debate.

To remind ourselves of a few facts before we continue…

Leggings as defined by Wikipedia are “form-fitting trousers of a clingy material, often knitted cotton and Lycra”. Adversely pantyhose and tights are generally c-thru or opaque exposing skin through the material and are not to be confused with leggings.

Leggings have had such a big impact on our wardrobes they are now available online, in department stores and specialty stores worldwide taking up sectioned floor space. They even warrant a tab on most online retailers for buyers to navigate to.

But why do men hate these ultra tight, seamless lustrous look when it's so popular? Ben Steger, the creator of this T-shirt tells me: If you are going to wear leggings, you are not hiding anything. You may as well wear nothing and paint your legs black because I can see exactly what you look like naked. Only a few people with perfect bodies can pull it off, but most of the time, its people who should not wear them that do.  I'm not saying don't wear leggings under a dress or something, but just not with a blouse or t-shirt. Your ass needs to be covered. Leggings are not pants.

Leggings are pants, and they aren’t a flash in the pan they are on designer’s radar and as women continue to buy them and wear them, they continue to be manufactured.

Style Consultants like Erika Chloe founder of My Image Expert seem to disagree with Ben. She says: Leggings are a must-have for fall. They take the guesswork out of getting dressed.  They can be a fashionable item used to accent an outfit or treated like a pair of pants.  As long as you style them properly, leggings are the new dark denim!  Wearing darker shades will instantly make the legs appear leaner.  Navy, Black and Chocolate Brown leggings are all great bottom colors to match your current wardrobe including: blouses, sweaters and boots. Most women carry weight in their hips so if you choose to wear leggings as pants, just make sure your tops and sweaters fall just below the widest part in the outer thigh.

Not only are leggings available in multiple colors they can be found in several fabrics and materials.  This seasons new styles are made of leather, printed Lycra and knitted cashmere.

Lauren Beth a personal shopper says: Would you wear yoga pants out to a club? I think not. I’m at my wits end with this look. For gods sake STOP WITH THE LEGGINS! I don’t care how perfect your body is they don’t look good on anyone. They are designed for working out, not going out. I don’t care how they are accessorized they aren’t fashionable.

Leggings have a history not only on ski-slopes, and yoga studios but runways of top designers and trend setters. They can worn under tunics, paired with t-shirts blouses and blazers. The look is interchangeable and can be styled with almost any accessory from Ugg’s, to Louboutin’s.

My verdict on this commentary…well let’s just say as a curvy woman in fashion my DVF black leather leggings are en-route as we speak. But that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping my hips in check. Ladies tread with caution but I wouldn’t write them off entirely.

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