Facial Hair Grooming Guide
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Facial Hair and Grooming Guide

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Personal image is everything. And as a New York image consultant, we are constantly answering questions about male grooming that includes what to do about facial and body hair.   Facial hair is becoming more and more popular amongst men of all ages.  Interestingly enough, facial hair says a lot about your character and when our personal stylists, image consultants and personal shoppers looked into what woman want, we were surprised to learn about the opinions women share when it comes to scruffy faces.

Several studies conducted exclusively with woman all over the world and researched by our New York personal shoppers suggest that men with beards would make better romantic partners and are considered to be more aggressive and masculine. These studies also support the idea that woman find men with beards or facial hair tougher than their hairless counterparts.  So, the question is to shave or not to shave; and our fashion consultants and image consultants all agree the answer is surprisingly clear: Don’t shave.

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of New South Wales and published in Evolution and Human Behavior suggests to our personal shoppers and New York personal stylists that women found men with facial hair more attractive. Interestingly enough, these studies also found that guys with facial hair (actual facial hair, not 5' o-clock shadows) were perceived as better and more attentive fathers. So  if you want to look more reliable and responsible, our fashion consultants and image consultants suggest rethinking your approach to facial hair and beards.

Both men and women had to judge photographs of faces that had varying levels of facial hair growth including: clean-shaven, 5-day stubble, ten-day stubble and full beards. Women actually rated clean-shaven faces as the least attractive, while men thought smooth faces looked better than a short beard that had been grown in longer than 5 days.  If you are going to grow your beard past 5 or 10 days, our image consultants and New york personal shoppers recommend keeping it neat.  Be sure to trim around the neckline and keep it groomed and clean.

These studies combined with past surveys have found that guys with facial hair look more aggressive, tougher and masculine. Research also suggests that men with beards would make better romantic partners. So what’s a guy to do? With so many choices regarding facial hair, how does one decide which looks is flattering for their facial features?  Our image consultants and New York personal stylists have put together a list of different facial hair styles.  It is important to know what styles are best suited for your facial features before deciding on a look.

GQ Magazine states that “the most often misdiagnosed facial hair condition, a goatee is a tuft on the chin similar to the one sported by its barnyard namesake." While this look is supported by fewer men, our fashion consultants tend to think the goatee is an outdated look. 

There are many different styles of facial hair to choose from.  Do you know the difference between a mo-beard and mutton chops? From the utterly groomed to the outright lazy, there’s a large variety of facial hair styles out there. Welcome to our image consultants crash course on what’s what in the world of "face-scaping."

The most often misdiagnosed facial hair condition, a goatee is a tufted hair patch on the chin.  It got its name from; yes you guessed it... its barnyard namesake. There’s no moustache or soul patch connecting to it and it stands alone.  Our New York image consultants and New York personal stylists tend to think this look is outdated.  Most woman are not in favor of the goatee and be careful because this style can send mixed messages about your credibility.

The Balbo is basically a goatee and soul patch connecting around the mouth area.  It became popular amongst biker gangs and 70’s porn.  It owes its name to the Fascist Italian leader Italo Balbo, who wore the unique style as early as the 1920s.  Our New York personal stylists and New York image consultants all agree that this look is hard and rancid.  If you work in a business professional environment, this look is certainly not for you.  Our New York image consultants have yet to see the Balbo look good on anyone!

5’ O-Clock shadow or Short beard
Everyone from investment bankers to artists sport this beard.  It’s one part scruffy and one part groomed, which is precisely why it has such a wide appeal.  This is a sexy rugged look that is becoming very popular amongst young and old professionals.  In New York and other large cities, our fashion consultants are noticing more and more men who have decided to skip everyday shaving techniques and opt for a rugged appeal.  Our New York image consultants think that this look is great and send the message that you are not afraid to take chances or risks.  For optimum appeal, try to go for a week without shaving.  Of course, you can clean it up around the edges for a more systematic approach.

Jesus Beard
This is an overgrown version of a basic beard that bares resemblance to the most common depictions of a beard-blessed Jesus. Religious renderings of this style first appeared during the 6th century and probably should have stayed there.  Our New York image consultants and New york fashion consultants all agree to avoid this type of style unless you are the newest member of Duck Dynasty.

When it comes to grooming your body hair, our image consultants, personal stylists and fashion consultants believe that many grooming habits that were previously acceptable for women only have become perfectly normal for men.  Image consultants thank the "metrosexual movement. Many of our male image consulting clients no longer feel weird about getting a facial.  However, there are many other areas to consider when “manscaping.”

When consulting clients about their image and appearance, the term “manscaping” comes up quite frequently and our New York fashion stylists say that it has become a phenomenon among men who want to look and feel their best. With regard to body hair, the line between sexy and scary is very thin. Our New york fashion stylists suggest that before you go crazy with the razor, consider what the woman you get naked in front of is going to think about your “manscaping” or strategic shaving.  Our New York image consultants, New York personal shoppers and New York personal stylists have compiled a woman's guide to “manscaping” dos and don’ts.

Do trim armpit hair
Most men have hair under their arms and women expect and accept it. However, New York image consultant, Erika Chloe says that “this doesn’t mean that you should let your armpit hair turn into a wild jungle. Trim your underarm hair to a reasonable length. Whenever you can grab a fist full of hair, it is too long.” During the summer and warmer months, you’ll notice that you’ll sweat less and there will be less sweat stains on your button down shirt during your morning commute.  New York image consultant Erika Chloe says that you should NOT shave your armpits bare.  Women are bound to question your masculinity when your armpits are as smooth as hers.

Do trim chest hair
With a razor attachment, trim your chest hair.  Women like to see some hair on a man’s chest, but most prefer to avoid the 70’s shag carpet variety. Thinning out and trimming your chest hair is a good idea, but be sure to leave some hair.  There are some women who like a perfectly smooth hairless chest. If you’re going to go completely bare, be sure to shave regularly or choose waxing as an option.  When the stubble grows in, keep in mind that the length will be uncomfortable for you and unappealing for her.  Our expert New York fashion stylists and New York personal shoppers recommend a Braun electric razor with several attachments to achieve the length of your choice.

Don't  go bare everywhere
Removing all the hair from your genital area and body can be viewed by woman as being vain or obsessed with sex. The only time men should consider going hairless is if there’s a purpose like competitive biking or swimming.  This is done by professional athletes to achieve a more aerodynamic result.  If you plan to get rid of the hair on your torso and genitals, you are going to have to shave your legs as well.  This again is only recommended by our New york image consultants for professional or competitive athletes. Of course, this style of “manscaping” is also prevalent in the porn industry so you can see why this approach is viewed as being sex-obsessed.

Do get rid of shoulder and back hair
Our image consultants and New York personal shoppers agree that hair on your back or shoulders is unsightly and disgusting. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason to keep it so do yourself a favor and get rid of it.  You may have to go to a grooming salon and please do not attempt to get rid of your back hair on your own.

Do keep it trimmed below the waist
Men appreciate a clean field when they go down on their girl, so be sure to return the favor, she will thank you and be more willing to visit your nether region. Keeping your pubic hair trimmed also helps to make you look bigger and helps control sweat and odors.  Our New York personal stylists recommend using clipper to trim the hair to a desirable length.

It’s not necessary to base all your grooming choices on what our New York image consultants, New York personal shoppers, New York personal stylists, New York fashion consultants or beauty experts think.  However, assuming women are the ones you want to attract, you should at least take their expert opinions into account when you consider “manscapping” and facial hair. Our experts deal with these issues on a daily basis and are available to answer any of your questions or recommend male grooming salons in your city where you can have these issues addressed. 

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