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New York City and surrounding cities

My Image Expert offers corporate seminars and group presentations.  Our image consultants help to establish an identity for corporations, small business, and groups.  Sometimes a company needs a unified front or well established image in order to represent their brand, products, or clients. Small businesses have a lot of personality and sometimes those personalities can clash when it comes to image and fashion choices. Our corporate and group consultations are also a great way to boost morale amongst workers.  Sometimes telling an employee that their dress code is unacceptable is a touchy subject.  Let us handle the situation by creating a positive setting for a makeover takeover. Studies suggest that when employees dress for success they feel more productive and tend to be treated with more respect. If you’re in an office all day, meeting with clients, or greeting customers, your image effects you and the people around you..

Sometimes employees don’t dress appropriately for the work environment. Casual Fridays turn into casual everyday and summer flip-flops seem to find their way into the work place. Whether you are a big corporation or small business, the way you dress and present yourself is important to the overall image of the company not to mention your self esteem!  We work with small groups, associations, corporations, networking organizations, art studios, dance studios, community associations, and many more!  When your organization presents a unified front, everyone benefits from the results. Clients, peers, customers, and associates take you more seriously when you make the effort and present a lasting impression. Your image is an extension of your company and your capabilitites. 

My Image Expert also works with Colleges and Universities to enhance Graduates marketability. In the next several months, thousand of college graduates will be looking for a job.  While college offers higher education, many people will lack basic etiquette skills needed to land a successful interview or employment.  It is important that Graduates know how to use affirmative action and great communication  to leverage their chances against the competition in the job market.  A Graduates appearance has a lot to do with effective communication.    My Image Expert helps students and Graduates understand the power of image through personal presentation. 

Neatness and grooming is another factor that contributes to your image.  This includes your personal hygiene as it relates to your body, face, dental, and occupational practices.  Presenting yourself in a clean, polished and professional fashion will go a long way.  Keep in mind that most companies have shared bathrooms and kitchen areas; promoting cleanliness and good manners are never overlooked!

My Image Expert corporate consultations are customized based on the company or business identity. We tailor our services to fit your needs and group size. Our corporate consultations provide, but are not limited to, the following services:

  • Dress for success seminars
  • The Power of Professional Appearance Seminar
  • The Power of Personal Appearance Seminar
  • Etiquette Seminars
  • Personal Shopping and Group Style Seminar
  • Individual and Group Image Consultations
  • Create and Master your Self Brand Seminar
  • Corporate Image Makeovers
  • Employee and Small Group Makeovers
  • Identify and maximize stylish looks that are office appropriate
  • How To use your Clothing and Grooming as Resource Tools
  • How To Maximize your Professional Wardrobe on a Limited Budget
  • How To Implement Corporate Identity into Professional Style

Our mission is to create confidence, power, and presence for any business situation or corporate identity. We plant the tools for lifelong success and show you how to use fashion and style to present a positive and  influential appearance and attitude! Contact one of our experts for more information on how we can help your business or to find out about our special group pricing!

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