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Color Calibration!

Color is the basic foundation to style. How many times have you walked into a store and chose a specific garment because of the color or shade? When buying make-up, color keeps us loyal to specific brands. How many times have you gone to the hair and salon only to be left selecting colors?

Many people select colors based on what shades and tones they like. Some people enjoy the vibrancy of Banana Yellow, Platinum Blond, or Candy Apple Red. Others may cater to more subtle and natural tones like Nude, Chocolate, or Pale Pink. Either way, color is an essential component of your overall image; it can make or break any outfit or make-up combination.

Wearing the right top colors will compliment your natural skin tones and facial features.  If you have blue undertones in the lightest part of the skin on your face ( forehead, chin, cheekbones), then wearing earth tones such as: rust, brown, gold and tan will compliment your face by creating an involuntary glow.  If you have red or pink undertones, colors like olive, emerald green and chartreuse will work best for you.  With green undertones, which can usually be found in darker skin tones; you should try cotton candy pink, ruby, burgundy or wine.Wearing the wring color will not only ruin your outfit but it will rinse out the natural glow in your skin making you appear tired, pale or flushed.  The wrong color can easily emphasize wrinkles, skin spots and darker circles around or under the the eyes. Our beauty makeover and fashion makeover service both provide a skin analysis that teaches you about what colors are best suited for your skin type, skin texture and facial features which applies to top colors (shirts), dresses, and make-up shades. 

Our New York image consultant has prepared the following guide you can try at home to help you determine your natural skin tones.

To narrow down what colors will look best against your skin follow these steps:

  • Hold a garment or fabric that is White against your face. Drench your shoulders and neck in this color. Repeat the process with a garment with that is off White or Cream. Which one looks more flattering?
  • If you answered White, then you are a cool colored person.
  • If you answered Cream, then you are a warm color person.
  • Take the White or Cream fabric draped around your neck and shoulders (whichever looked best) and locate the tones in your lightest part of your skin.  This area includes: the forehead, chin and cheekbones.  You should see a slight hint of pink, orange, blue, or green.
  • Pinch the apples of your cheek with your index finger and thumb.
  • After a few seconds, look in the mirror. Is the color Pink or Rose?

Cool colors will include the warmer seasons like summer and spring. They are usually very clean colors that have a more vibrant shade. Banana Yellow, Cotton Candy Pink, Sunkist Orange, Seafoam, and Cobalt Blue are all examples of vibrant summer cool colors. To narrow the search down even further you will have to look at the natural glow in your skin. If you are getting  tones that is are partial to blue, chances are your cheeks have a pink shade when pinched. Your best clothing color will fall into complimentary shades. Complimentary shades are colors that are an opposite hue in some color models like a color wheel. Pink cheeks with blue tones should cater to Green and Orange colors. This will accent the natural highlights in your face the best!

Warm colored people should cater to a color palette found in fall and winter fashion. This includes Plum, Burgundy, Moss, Midnight Blue, Chocolate, Wine, and Pumpkin. Warm colors are simply cozier and less vibrant. They are more tonal and have less hue (color) value! The best way to describe warm colors are birthstone colors or vintage jewel tones.  If your are a rose cheek person with green undertones then Burgundy, Wine and Plum will work best for you.  For the warmer seasons, warm colored people should stay true to these shades but translate them into pastel colors. Pastel colors are summery and fresh but have more white which ultimately calms them down.

When choosing a blush color, it is important to use a color that is two shades darker than your pinched cheek color. Anything else will look forced and unnatural. I am sure you have seen women with round circles on their cheeks or long burgundy brush strokes against their cheek bones. Follow this general rule of thumb to avoid something too dark and unflattering to the natural tones you were born with! Blush should always be applied to the apple of your cheeks in a circular motion not across your check bone in a line!

Try these tips at home to find out which colors work the best against your skin tones. Wearing the right color will compliment you while the wrong one will simply wash you out.  If you are ready to learn more about the power of color, try one of our makeover services.  This will help you  better understand the fundamentals of color in relation to your body structure, size and shape.  Color can also be applied to the body and outfit coordination by altering your overall appearance. It has the the ability to make the body look longer, leaner, taller, or smaller.  This comes in handy when you are trying to downplay certain problems areas or accentuate your best physical features.

Color is a great tool to use as an accessory.  Instead of wasting money on trendy garments that will go out of style, invest a "fashion color" accessory.  This will help to update your look and keep your outfits current and affordable.A session with one of our personal shoppers or image consultants will teach about fashion colors and how to successfully incorporate them into your current wardrobe.  Accessories include: shoes, belts, handbags, jewelry,sunglasses, hats, scarves and coats.

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