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Clothes that Compliment Your Breasts

Comparing your body to others can leave you exhausted and frustrated. How many times have you caught yourself admiring someone because they were taller, shorter, thinner, or curvier? Changing your image can be professionally done with a new style, hair color, and a rejuvenating makeover, but what about the things that is not so easy to change? Naturally, most of us want what we don’t have or have too much of we don’t want. Instead of fighting what you were born with, one should embrace it!
What a lot of women don’t realize is that the clothing you wear makes a significant difference in the way your body structure appears.  People are becoming obsessed with self- transformation.  For many women, breast size tends to be a touchy subject.  Accepting your body is the first step to projecting a positive and confident outward appearance.

Many image consultants, fashion consultants or personal stylists will tell you that the key to great fitting clothes lies within perfectly fitted undergarments.  In order to ensure a good fit, one must be measured regularly for the appropriate bra size.  Most women fluctuate in weight due to undeniable circumstances however; there will be an underlying average weight during these times.  Make sure you are measured at your average weight to ensure a bra that will accommodate your ups and downs.  The straps should have the ability to slide both up and down and the back fastener should receive the second hook comfortably.  The cup size should fully cover the bust without cutting into the bust-line in order to avoid the "third boob" syndrome. These tips will help you when selecting the right size but what about style?

Every woman should have several bra styles that correspond with tops and dresses in their wardrobe.  The most popular styles are strapless, racer-back, halter neck and push up bras.  When choosing a tops style, the bra should offer ample support while concealing itself comfortable underneath.  This means your straps should not be showing in the back, front or side.  If you are unsure about what style to wear our image consultants and personal stylists have explained the popular styles below:
Strapless:  If you don’t have a well supported strapless bra, now is the time to get one! These styles are now available in larger sizes that offer an amazing assistance and reinforcement.  The strapless bra is self explanatory and a must have for any summer wardrobe.

  • Racer Back: This style is the same as a regular strapped bra but comes equipped with a fastener for the back straps.  This allows a simple way to pull the straps together in the shape of an X.  Many stores now carry a clip that can be added to any regular bra style in order to transform it into a racer back.
  • Halter Neck: This bra has clasps on the straps that attach behind the neck.  It is ideal for a summer wardrobe that includes many halter tops or dresses.
  • Push-Up: Both padded and water bras offer the same effect but with different materials. Padded bras are self explanatory and better suited for women who want a little extra boost.  Some push-up bras have removable inserts that should be taken out when the item is washed.

Our image consultants all agree that a having the right bra will alter the look of your clothing. This in turn will change your outlook about the types of garments you can wear.  When you are buying clothes or shopping with a personal shopper the question has come up several times; what kind of bra would I wear with this?  For every shirt or dress designed, they are bras to accommodate it.  Here are some other ways to compliment your shape, embrace your body, and celebrate the natural gifts you were born with!


A great jacket completes any outfit by adding style, color, and a finished look. Finding a jacket that both fits you and flatters your shape can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Sometimes the smallest detail can change the overall style of a jacket and change the way you look.  If you have a smaller bust then avoid darts and pleats in the chest area, this style is more suitable for fuller women. 

Small Bust

Select a fitted style with pockets in the chest or go for a more chic look with an A-line style. Because you have a smaller bust, the A-line and swing styles will drape well around your chest area. Pockets add style elements and create the illusion of a fuller bust. Try a scoop neck or belted style and avoid V-necks and darts in the bust area!

Large Bust

Select a waist length style that is fitted or has a tailored look. Details like darts and princess seams help jackets fit better in the waist and chest. Choose a deep v-neck style that buttons just above the cleavage line. A jacket should fit properly in the bust area so that the fabric is not pulling and it will button comfortably. Deep v-necks are a great way to elongate the neck and pull attention away from a full bust. Stay away from wide lapels, pockets, and thick fabrics. These details add unnecessary extra fabric and draw attention to the wrong areas!

T-shirts come in all shapes and colors. The key to finding a great t-shirt comes down to selecting the right neckline and color. Being such a simple item, these basic shirts are a great way to add accent colors to any outfit.

Small Bust

The key to finding the right style is to select a t-shirt that has an asymmetrical, boat neck, or crew neck line. Select a style that is fitted or has cap sleeves. This will help to broaden your shoulders and create the illusion of a larger bust area. Printed or graphic t-shirts will camouflage a smaller bust. Find a sleeve that is ¾ lengths to create the illusion of a fuller bust or go for a cap sleeve to widen your shoulders. Stay clear of deep v-necks as they tend to draw attention to the bust area.

Large Bust

The best necklines are v-necks, deep v-necks, scoop neck, or a Henley style. Lower necklines break up the overall fullness or large breasts. Select darker colors or medium sized all-over prints. Avoid graphic prints and crew necks! Go for longer sleeve length and avoid sleeveless and tank tops because they draw attention to the mid section making the bust line a central focal point!
Small Bust

The key is to find blouses that create fullness in the bust area. Select a tailored style with chest pockets or princess seams. You can also wear style that blouse in the bust area and cinch and the waist or have a belted waist! Garments with rouging or gathered fronts are a great way to create fullness and downplay a smaller bust. Blouses with ruffles, neck details, or tie neck lines are style elements to also look for. Avoid baby doll tops or oversized style that have no shape or definition!

Large Bust

Look for blouses that have an open neck or low neck line. Wrap style tops are great because they have a v-neck and cinch in the waist. Try a blouse that is loose in the bust and add a belt to define your high waist. Avoid large prints that swallow your torso and wide lapels that broaden your chest. Try small vertical lines or medium sized subtle prints that downplay a full bust. Avoid ruffles and pockets. Keep it subtle and simple with lightweight fabrics like silk, sheer, or cashmere silk blends.
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