Belts for your body structure
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A Belt for Every Body Structure

No matter what body type you inherited, there are ways to flatter your assets and downplay your problem areas.  For women, it is important to accentuate the natural curves in your body.  Curves create the basis for any silhouette and provide a natural definition of femininity.  For decades, women have been defined and recognized for their curves or lack thereof.   If women didn’t have any curves, what would separate the male body from the female body? That being said, no matter what height or weight you carry, it is possible to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.  All that is required is a little patience and a… belt!  With the right belt for your body structure, you can accentuate the beautiful curves you already own or create soft subtle curves in the areas where you need some extra definition!  Belting is an easy technique you can use to highlight flattering proportions in your body structure and it is pretty simple to do.  Adding this accessory into your everyday wardrobe will help you create instant curves in all the right places!  The key is to learn what type of belt you should wear along with the appropriate placement of such an item. Belts are a timeless and classic accessory not to mention affordable so try these tips at home at watch your body begin to transform.

Depending on your body type, there are different belting variations you can use to accentuate that smallest part of your body, the waist. According to an image consultant or fashion consultant, there are four main categories to consider when placing your body type.  First one should determine which category your body falls under in order to enhance your figure and shape.  This will determine what style belt to use and also provide guidance regarding placement of your belt in relationship to the body.  The following body types are the most common among women:

Ruler Shape: If you fall under the category of a ruler shaped body, you will most likely lack definition in the waist and hips. Using a belt in this instance can create the illusion of a curvier figure. Try using a belt that is 1" in thickness, either colored or neutral. Skinny colored belts are a great way to introduce an accent color into your outfit.  For colorful wardrobes, try using a neutral colored belt like white, tan or brown.  If you have short torso and long legs, wear the belt 1” above the hip bones. This will create the illusion of a longer torso and balance your weight placement.  Belting 1” above the hip bones will also add some additional shaping in the hips.  For an individual with shorter legs and a longer torso, place the belt right over the belly button.  This will create a nice curve in the waist and help to elongate the legs and shorten the height of the torso.

Apple Shape: Apple shaped bodies tend to hold the majority of the weight in the midsection. It is important to wear a thicker belt of around 2" wide. The belt should consist of a leather front and an elastic back so it can be worn either higher or lower on the midsection with ease. It is best to use neutral belts in this situation because the goal is to camouflage the midsection by making it appear slimmer and flatter. Using a colored belt will generally draw attention to an unwanted area.  If you are wearing a dress you should belt just above the bust line creating an empire-like effect, causing the dress to flow away from the midsection. When wearing pants or a skirt with a blouse the belting should occur just across the belly button, flattening the midsection and alleviating the muffin top effect. When wearing a belt with a blouse, it should be kept un-tucked for a more pulled together look.  If the belt is obstructing the overall silhouette of your upper body, try adding a fitted blazer with a 2” lapel. 

Pear Shape: Those of you who are pear shaped will store the majority of body weight in the lower hips and stomachs. Like your apple shaped cousin, you too should stick with a 2" thick belt with a leather front and an elastic back, placing it just below the bust line. Not only is this pulling away from the heavier areas, it is also accentuating that smallest area of your body. Again, empire tops or loose fitting feminine blouses that are easily belted in this area are great investments. This style will also look great with a longer wrap-style cardigan left open so the belt is exposed. Doing this creates the allusion of much longer legs by the use of a higher waistline. The cardigan itself camouflages the width of the hips and creates a long, narrow, vertical line from the neck to the knee.

Hourglass Shape: The ever enviable hourglass shape is the most sought after body type. In the case of the hourglass, the belt can be used to accent either the hips or the waist since both are naturally defined. If worn under the bust line it will accentuate the small waist and make the curve in the hips really pop. You can also wear it lower on the waist to accentuate longer legs. With the hourglass shape, the width of the belt really depends on the height of the women in question. It can range anywhere from 1/2" to 2" wide, with the skinnier belts belonging to the shorter height and vice versa.

A belt is an in expensive way to create new, better fitting and more fashion forward looks from the clothes that you already own. It is simple, manageable and is a simple accessory that can easily be thrown into a bag a taken with you wherever you go. Depending on your budget, you can find them at almost any store. BCBG Max Azria currently has many cute and affordable ($38-$138) stylish and classic belts that could easily be integrated into most women's wardrobes. If you're looking for something a little cheaper H & M and American Apparel are both great places to find a basic belt for all of your curvature needs. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided for your body structure.  It is important to avoid loud, heavy and clunky belts.  Avoid anything that has a logo or flashy hardware on the closure.  If you need additional help creating authentic style or a powerful personal appearance, contact an image consultant who will provide you with customized style tips.

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