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Accessories to Attract your Ideal Mate

Accessories are one of the most important characteristic of any great outfit or clothing combination.  Since men are very limited when it comes to accessories, they should make sure that each component not only provides intention but portrays a positive image to the opposite sex.  Men normally wear accessories because they offer practical function, like a belt to hold up their pants, or they will wear them to add a finishing touch to their suit, like a blue tie.  What many men don’t realize is that the accessories you choose to wear can have a dramatic impact on your image, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.

Woman categorize accessories as necessities, they not only provide function but provide an outlet to create individual style as well.  When you are with a woman, whether it be a conversation or date, she will definitely observe your overall appearance and all the individual components that go with it!  In order to grab the attention of your ideal mate, the laws of attraction will obviously be the leading force which also includes your personal image from head to toe.  With the right accessories, you are sure to project a powerful personal appearance that will speak volumes about your capabilities and personality which will in turn attract your ideal mate.

When selecting the appropriate accessories, whether for function or style, make sure to choose items that are unique and fashionable.  Most men don’t realize it but these wardrobe additions perk up even the simplest outfit and help keep your wardrobe current.  Make sure that you are confident and comfortable with your selections but don’t be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to color, cut and style.  That being said, certain accessories communicate for you.  When attracting the opposite sex, here’s what your accessories say about you:

1.    Cufflinks - are a great way to add individuality to a suit or a French cuff button-down shirt.  Leave the solid silver and gold for your grandfather and select a pair of cufflinks that offer more of a modern design.  Embossed, wood or conversational cufflinks are all excellent selections and will project a positive image that says you pay attention to details.  Embossed cufflinks communicate a stable and secure attitude while wood cufflinks say you are creative and think outside of the box.  A conversational cufflink, like a sneaker, is more personalized and speaks volumes about your hobbies or lifestyle.  These are also excellent as a conversational piece and people will definitely notice!

2.    Scarves - provide function in the colder months but in the spring time, can add some killer style to your most basic outfit.  With the right color and texture, a scarf can also make your face appear brighter, cleaner and refreshed.  Avoid heavy fabrics, loud prints and anything to short that lacks the ability to drape.  A solid color or subtle pattern will normally do the trick so long as the fabric is thin and hangs just below your belly button.  It takes a confident man to wear a scarf for style instead of function but once you do, it will reap rewards.  Women appreciate a man with style and this is a great way to attract a stylish women.  Wearing a stylish scarf speaks volumes about your confidence as well. 

3.    Ties – can add color and style to your outfit in an instant.  Most men associate ties with a business professional outfit, however a tie can be worn as a causal accessory to compliment a vest, cardigan or casual plaid button down shirt.  Learn how to tie different knots to accommodate your wardrobe.  When wearing a tie with a casual shirt or outfit, leave the knot loose around the neck and change the style of the knot into a half-windsor.  This look says that you are organized, relaxed and not afraid to unwind after a long day.  This look also helps to create individual style by creating a well thought out and put together outfit that any women will appreciate.  For the summer, try a pair of flat panel front khaki pants, check button down cargo shirt, pique cotton tie (solid), and a lightweight sleeveless button down sweater vest.  You can pair this with an oxford slip-on shoe or driver sneaker.  This is a great look for beach casual or summer chic.  Many women enjoy a preppy look and you will be sure to attract to the same in a woman.

4.    Pocket Squares – have transformed into a style element that provide a distinguished look for suit jackets.  They were originally designed to replace tissues but most people use them for color or printed accent.  This look says you are well kept and organized.  Many women will associate men who wear pocket squares with success.  Don’t be afraid to actually use your pocket square to help your damsel in distress.  When wearing a pocket square, don’t be afraid to pair it with a sports jacket and jeans.  This is a distinguished look that goes great with a nice crisp solid white button down shirt.

5.    Man Bag – provide stylish function for men who have to carry a lot of things with them whether for work, play or a simple commute.  You can’t go wrong with leather but make sure to select a style that is modern and masculine.  Avoid anything too big and go for a practical weekender bag that will accommodate your belongings.  For the summer, try a light tan or brown and avoid black and chocolate brown.  A man bag is huge step up from the bag pack or briefcase which is outdated and irrelevant. A back pack should only be worn if you are hiking or outdoors.  A great man bag will attract women who are in shape and organized.  Try a bag that matches your shoes or belt and make sure to avoid anything that is made of fabric or nylon.

6.    Watch – a watch is the most important and recognized accessory for a man.  There are different types of watches but whatever you choose should accommodate your personality and wardrobe.  Every man should own a sport watch which by characteristic is chunky and has a metal or rubber band with many design features.  If you chose the right sport watch, it can be worn with your casual clothing as well as your suits.  Dress watches are usually lighter in weight with a leather strap and the design features are relatively simple.  A dress watch should not be worn with casual clothing and is mostly for suits and formal events.  With so many watchmakers and designs available, every man should find a timepiece that is unique and fits on your wrist properly.  A woman will notice you watch and if it is interesting enough, she may even comment which could be a great conversation piece.

7.    Sunglasses – are a staple item in every man’s wardrobe.  Just be careful your shades accommodate your face shape and features.  Sunglasses should never be dark enough to hard the entire eye.  Avoid dark black shades and go for something light grey or brown where the silhouette of the eye can be seen underneath.  Your glasses should never be wider than your forehead or come any higher than the eye brow!  With the right pair of sunglasses, you will look stylish instead of silly. 

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