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My Image Expert

My Image Expert™ is the premier image consulting and fashion consulting firm that caters to individuals, celebrities, athletes, small businesses and corporations word-wide.  Providing unparalleled services to help clients maintain their professional and personal image makes My Image Expert the leading innovator in self-transformation.  Our expert stylists, image consultants, and beauty consultants are well regarded and educated in their field of expertise which allows them to provide accurate, innovative and appropriate fashion advice, image consulting services, wardrobe assessments and makeover services . My Image Expert's image consulting services currently include the following cities:  New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC.  My Image Expert also offers remote services to out of town clients in need of fashion advise and image consultations.To learn more about the remote package or image consulting services available in your city, please feel free to call one of our personal image experts.

Founded by Erika Chloe Grundland in 2009, My Image Expert™ has over twenty image consultants and fashion consultants that cater to clients all over the world.  Erika Chloe has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry as a New-York based fashion designer, editorial fashion stylist, on-air television fashion expert, contributing editor, lecturer and founder of custom clothing collection E.C. STITCH.   before launching her image consulting firm, Erika designed private label collections for  Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macy’s and many other retailers.  As a New York stylist she has worked with FHM Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Redbook, Cosmo Girl, Virgin Records, E- online, and many more.  As a personal stylist, image consultant and fashion designer, Erika knows how to translate trends into practical everyday style solutions for the modern business woman while constantly advancing her knowledge base to be ahead of the trends.  This is what has captured such a wide variety of of clientele which continues to grow.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of network television shows like, "What Not to Wear," My Image Expert™ saw a window of oppertunity to provide services that help individuals define their personal brand, personal image, professional and public image.   There was a need to establish a company that will offer the average person fashion makeovers and beauty makeovers much like the television show but without the public humility and camera crews!  My Image Expert has created a little black book of contributing partners that helps to assist with extreme makeovers.  All of our dermatologists, beauticians and surgeons are considered the best in their field.  My Image Expert has the capability to handle every situation no matter how subtle or severe it may be.

"The goal for MIE™ is to create unique and customized style for each individual client. I believe that everyone can be beautiful regardless of shape, age, or size. I hope that in the future MIE™ will be known as a place that people and companies can come to in order to take control of their professional and personal image. It is important that all of our clients learn about what styles, shapes, colors, and fabrics work best for their body structure and lifestyle.  Your image is a direct reflection of your inner self; it can create confidence within yourself and make others feel confident about you." Erika Chloe, Founder of My Image Expert™. 

My Image Expert™ is a growing online company that provides a variety of exclusive individual and corporate services including: personal shopper, wardrobe analysis, style tips, fashion advice, make-up tips, women makeovers, men makeovers, and custom clothing. Our clients include small businesses, large corporations, SEO's, Universities, college students, retirees, musicians, artists, brides, mothers, television stations and television personalities. My Image Expert is the only image consulting and fashion consulting company that can cater to such a wide group of clientele based on the diversity of their image consultants.  They provide individuals with an image that is customized to fit their lifestyle and personality.  Whether it is the red carpet, the office or a day of casual activity, My Image Expert prepares you for all the events in your life.  It is important to dress accordingly for every situation and to understand that casual does not mean you have to compromise style. When your image exceeds your expecations it can empower to accomplish your goals and offer a great deal of self-confidence.

Our image consultants are hand selected based on their experience, awareness, and contributions made to the fashion and beauty industry. With degrees in fashion design, merchandising, cosmetology, and editorial fashion, each of our image consultants offer the best advice in personal style and image management!  Erika Chloe has taken the time to get to know each and every image consultant prior to their employment in order to gaurentee their level of expertise.  To find out more about the fashion consultants, stylists, and beauty experts, simply click on “find a consultant.” 

My Image Expert™ online offers weekly style advice and fashion tips that can be found in the "Featured Article" section. These image, fashion, beauty, and "how to" articles are written by our expert image consultants and beauty consultants to provide you with helpful advice, tips, and tricks.  Check in regularly to learn about timeless fashion trends, great hairstyles, and beauty tips you can try at home! The newest addition to My Image Expert™  is the “ask Erika” forum. This is where you have the opportunity to ask any fashion or beauty related questions.  Erika Chloe will be checking this forum regularly to answer all of your style, image, fashion, and beauty questions. Sometimes all you need is an expert opinion!

Thank you for your interest in our company. Please enjoy your time on our site and be sure to check in regularly for seasonal promotions, contests and fashion tips. See what our clients have to say about us in our “testimonial” section and don’t miss out on our “pic of the week” where we feature everything from success stories to fashion disasters.

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