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New York Personal Stylist's Guide to Summer Trends
By: Danielle N. Snagg

Summer is here, and everyone wants to look great. Time to go shopping! There are so many exciting trends to look forward to this season it can be a daunting task, however a New York fashion consultant can help. Many of the most popular spring trends continue to dominate this summer season. Designer favorites such as color blocking, neon colors, and prints remain very relevant wardrobe choices as the weather continues to heat up. Consult a New York personal shopper today and spice up your summer wardrobe.

Everyone wants to look their best and what better way to achieve that than consulting a New York fashion stylist to help you navigate this summer’s fashion trends? Color blocking and neon colors continue to be huge trends this summer. Whether it’s black and white or more vibrant colors it is impossible to go wrong with this trend. Neon colors are also riding the style wave from spring to summer. From dresses to skirts to bathing suits, neon’s are a great choice for the warm weather months. Working with a New York personal stylist will not only teach you how best to execute these trends but also help you create your individual style. Here are some of the items you should be looking for.

Dresses are always a popular option during the summer months. Some of the most popular summer 2013 dress trends include maxi dresses, sheer panel dresses, and dresses with prints. Dresses are not only stylish but incredibly convenient. A dress can easily be worn from day to night with the right accessories. A New York fashion stylist can help you choose summer dress trends that will emphasize your best features and compliment your body shape.

Dresses with embellishments, cut outs, lace, and asymmetric hem lines are also trending in a big way this summer. A strategically placed cut out can add a flirty quality and lace brings a romantic feel to any outfit.  Embellishments and bold details are a great way to add interest to your wardrobe. New York image consultants will demonstrate how intricate beading can add certain elegance to any outfit.

Shorts and cropped pants are always a summer staple. This summer we will definitely see shorts and cropped pants in prints and bright colors. Cuffed shorts add polish to any summer blouse or ensemble. A tailored pant and/ or capri pant are a great way to refine the look of any outfit, consider hiring a New York fashion stylist to help you with this.

Jumpsuits and rompers are fantastic for summer! They are an incredibly easy way to stay cool and fashionable during the warm weather months.  With the assistance of a New York personal stylist you can use jumpsuits and rompers in interesting prints and beautiful bold colors to add style to your summer look. Jumpsuits are flattering for most body shapes however a New York personal shopper can help you find one that will flatter you most and bring attention to your best features. 

Everyone should have a great pair of tailored pants or capris in their wardrobe this summer. Tailored pants and capris paired with a tank top or blouse creates an easygoing but much put together summer look. An expert such as a New York image consultant can show you the right way to wear this trend. Grab a pair in a fun print or bright color and you will be right on trend…the brighter the better.

Everybody loves a great summer skirt. This summer maxi and whimsical skirts will be making a huge splash. Maxi skirts with a waist cinching belt makes any outfit alluring. Any New York personal shopper will tell you that designers have been adding delightful details to maxi skirts such as slits, ruffles, hi/low hemlines and even sheer panels. These new takes on the maxi skirt are great ways to add a twist to your summer wardrobe. Slits, hi/low hemlines and sheer panels allow you to enjoy the maxi skirt trend while showing off your legs and adding an edge to your ensemble. Ruffles add a romantic feel which will definitely get you noticed. There are also maxi skirts in great prints and beautiful candy colored shades for everyone to enjoy.

Your summer wardrobe would not be complete without a skirt with nautical stripes and a skirt with embellishments. Skirts with adornments such as studs, sequins and beads are the entire rave this season.  If wearing the nautical stripe trend be sure to match with a solid colored top. Contact a New York fashion consultant and make the most of these summer fashion trends today.

During the summer months you not only want to look fashionable but stay cool at the same time. For this reason tank tops and t-shirts are always on trend for warm weather months. Try a t-shirt with lace overlay or a cropped top. Peplum tops cinch your waist in just the right places and give you that hourglass shape that everyone strives for. Working with a New York image consultant will help you look better than you ever have, the results will be remarkable.

Flowy tops are very airy and give a light cheerful feeling that everyone loves when the weather heats up. Most are made of light-weight materials which is ideal for hot summer days and steamy summer nights. Tops with hi/low hemlines can easily bring a lot of interest and take an outfit from boring to trendy. Call a New York personal stylist today and get ready to shop!

For cold nights or for those of us that work in air conditioned buildings, blazers can be a nice addition to your outfit. Get a linen or light-weight cotton blazer this summer and look hot while staying cool. Stay on trend with a blazer in a bright color or a fun print like chevron stripes and prepare to have all eyes on you. Let a New York fashion stylist show you how a simple trick such as rolling up the sleeves on your blazer can give your summer look an extra cool feel and elongate your torso.

Bathing Suits
There can be nothing more stressful than shopping for a bathing suit. It can be exceedingly difficult to choose a bathing suit that both highlights your best assets and understates your problem areas. Here are some helpful tips on how to select the best bathing suit for your body shape.

If you are…

Athletic and small on top choose bathing suits with bust enhancing details such as lift or ruffles.

Bigger on bottom or pear shaped - choose higher cut bottoms that flatter your shape whether it’s a one piece, bikini or tankini.  Be sure to shop with a New York image consultant to learn more about flattering swimsuits styles.

Slender or boys shaped - choose silhouettes that give the illusion of curves such as ruffles, bows, and bathing suit tops that tie in front. Suits with gathering and molded cups also flatter this body shape.

Apple shaped - choose anything that cinches your waist and gives you a smaller look in the middle. Suits with side details also work the give the illusion of a smaller midsection.  With the help of a New York personal stylist, you will find the right shape for your body type  in no time!

Fuller in the tummy area - choose bathing suits that smooth and flatten out your tummy. Ruching or cinching can work wonders for this body shape. These style details create a slender silhouette and help give you a slender sleek look. Chevron stripes are also a very flattering look for this body type. Don’t be afraid to go retro and try a high waisted bikini.

Long in the torso – our New York personal shoppers believe you will look great in a suit with cut outs and bold prints such as stripes and many other patterns. Side ties also add a curvy look to a long torso.

Pear shaped color blocking can be your best friend. By putting the lighter color on top it makes you strategically look smaller. Asymmetrical cuts also favor this body type. Choose higher cut bottoms to balance out your shape but always remember the best way to make the best fashion decisions is to work with a professional, call a New York image consultant today to make sure you are making all the right choices.

This summer make it your mission to look your best. Go shopping and don’t forget to make good decisions based on your lifestyle, body type, and sense of style.  Try something on that you normally wouldn’t, you never know you might be surprised.  Most importantly consult a New York fashion professional. Shop till you drop and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

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