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Why hire an Image Consultant or Personal Shopper

Your image and appearance are the first things people notice about you. You have 3 seconds to make a lasting impression when meeting someone for the first time. It is in this time frame that you will create a lasting impression that speaks volumes about your credibility, capabilities, personality and goals. Your personal appearance is what speaks volume before ever-having the opportunity to speak and communicate with words. When it comes to your personal or professional image, how would you describe your way of dress, grooming habits, hairstyle, mannerisms and ability to convey a powerful message? 

Are you happy with the way you dress and the personal image you project to others?  Sometimes, people naturally fall into a style rut or get comfortable with a “look” which becomes outdated over time. With the help of a personal shopper, fashion consultant, personal stylist or image consultant you can easily take control of your image to project a positive personal and professional appearance.  If you do not focus on your appearance and the details that go along with it, who else will?  Your image is vital to the growth of your personal and professional relationships. Many companies hire image consultants to help their employees with a powerful, professional appearance or to gap the bridge between their brand and the image portrayed by their employees.  Others use image consulting services to improve their everyday appearance in order to get ahead in lfe.  Whatever your goal is, an image consultant can help.

It can be rather intimidating when you decide to seek the help of an image consultant, personal stylist, fashion consultant or personal shopper.  Accepting the fact that you want to invest in your appearance is a positive decision that should be considered a means of self improvement.  Investing in yourself with the help of an image consultant or services provided by an image consulting company will allow you to put your best foot forward and help you create a personal brand that can be translated through your personal image and attitude.  It’s also frustrating when you don’t know how to create a personal appearance that suits your lifestyle and budget! Updating your look with a women’s beauty makeover and fashion makeover is a smart way to reset your system and make more intuitive purchases which a personal shopper can certainly help with as well.

Erika Chloe, CEO of My Image Expert believes that when your image is outdated, you send a message to those around you.  Erika says it makes you appear irrelevant and can effect a job interview or relationship. You never want to look like you are stuck in a time capsule. It is also important to dress for the occasion at hand whether it be work, weekend activities, a date, an interview or just everyday living.  We live in a world where we are constantly introducing ourselves and meeting people. Whether you are going for a job interview, promotion, dinner date, or dropping the kids off at school, you should dress appropriate. It is important to always dress for the task at hand and comfortable clothing doesn’t have to be boring when you settle for stylish and affordable garments.  A personal shopper can help you select affordable styles that will enhance your personal image and flatter your personality and goals.

Hire a New York image consultant or New York Personal shopper to help you manage your image and it will enable you to then focus on your key core activities.  My Image Expert is the largest image consulting firm in the US.  They have a consultant in most US cities that can provide you with personal shopping, personal styling, image consultations, color analysis or a beauty makeover.  Make the decision to take control of your appearance and hire a personal shopper or image consultant today!  Call My Image Expert today to find out if they have a style consultant in your area.  They also provide virtual makeovers and offer some services through a remote package.  With clients all over the world, My Image Expert's personal shoppers, fashion consultants and beauty experts provide unparalleled services that will leave you looking and feeling great.

My Image Expert, an image consulting and fashion consulting firm with offices in New York, New Jersey. Connecticut, DC, Annapolis and Baltimore that provides services that will leave you with a powerful personal and professional appearance for all the occasions in your life! MIE’s services include:  in-home wardrobe evaluation, personal styling services, personal shopping services, men makeovers, women’s makeover, custom clothing and corporate seminars.  The image consultants work with individuals to update their appearance from head to toe and take all the guess work out of the equation.  Clients learn about what colors are best suited for their skin tones, what garments and stores are best suited for their individual body structure and how to maintain the look on their own.  MIE also shows you how to create individual style and create outfit combinations that are stunning and appropriate. The makeovers also leave you with a new hairstyle in regards to cut and color.

Everyone is unique and special. You can be beautiful regardless of shape, age or size. There are many ways to focus on your assets and downplay problem areas in order to maximize your body's full potential. Part of the process is to understand your body structure. This can be further explained by an image consultant, personal fashion stylist, personal shopper, or fashion consultant. Your image consultant will teach you about what styles are best suited for your body structure and weight placement.  A personal shopper will help you decide what brands and stores are most accommodating to your lifestyle and budget and a personal stylist will teach you how to create your individual package through outfit combinations.  Think of your personal appearance as your own personal brand.  They way you present your brand, the packaging and all the details that will help one decide whether they want to buy into your brand.  This relates to your image and an image consultant or fashion consultant can help you master your personal brand!

Still undecided about whether to seek the help of an image consultant or personal shopper?  How many times have you stood around in your closet deciding what to wear?  Do you wear the same 15% of items located in your closet?  Is shopping a frustrating experience for you?  Have you had the same look since high school or college?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, than you may be ready to update your look and a fashion consultant can give you the edge that you need.  It is important to step outside your comfort box in order to incorporate change.  An image consultant will nudge you outside your comfort box, enough to incorporate change but not enough to leave you feeling awkward.  Change is uncomfortable for most people but if we didn’t change than we would never move ahead. 

A personal shopper, fashion consultant or image consultant can help you incorporate change into your everyday appearance.  The service provided by an image consultant will help you to better understand style, colors and fabrics which will leave you feeling confident about your appearance and help others to regard you more favorably. An image consultant or personal shopper will give you all the tools to keep in your tool box so that when you are trying to determine what to wear or what to buy, you never have to think twice.  You will never have to question another outfit combination again or what to wear for an interview or date.  An image consultant is best accessory to have in your life so why wait any longer?  Take control of your appearance and hire an image consultant, personal shopper, and personal stylist or just update your look with a women’s makeover or men’s makeover.

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